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Man I would kill for one of these...

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by Mobes, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Mobes

    Mobes New Member


    It's kind of odd they never did well here in the States, they were pretty common overseas though.
  2. peppermink

    peppermink New Member

    We missed out on a lot of vehicles because our car culture in the states is focused so heavily on consumption. Maybe our everything is so much bigger, and our fear of everything except a misguided overvaluation of our skills as motorist's cause us to look towards the biggest plastic and steel cages to wrap around ourselves

    As it stands it seems that such vehicles become popular in places where they are incentivised, such as UK motorcycle licenses, or the Kei class for lowered taxes in Japan, things we lack in the states.
  3. Mobes

    Mobes New Member

    Yeah, or at the most it's a short-lived trend like Samurai-sized 4x4s or minitrucks, it's really a shame. IMO it's a lot more fun to drive a small truck with just enough power than a full size truck with a lot of power.

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