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Making MiniTrucks Street Legal

Discussion in 'EPA Regulations' started by Donald Shimoda, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Never ever....thats a pretty bold statement in government/regulations.
  2. canadian1,

    I am not talking about falsifying anything. I am talking about importing parts. Once the parts are here, aren't citizens free to build whatever they want? Why can't you build a Mini Truck in your garage? Is there a law against that? (There probably is unfortunately!) Again, if you can build a dune buggy from parts, why can't you order parts from Japan and build whatever you want?

    As for the DOT requirements, whether they are bogus or not is a matter of opinion. Are Mini Trucks safer than motorcycles? I say YES! Are Mini Trucks safer than 3-wheeled "Pickups" like what's attached? Again, I say YES! Are Mini Trucks safer than bumper cars made street legal. You get the idea.

    I guess we can either figure out a way to work around what I see as bogus restrictions or we start can start smooching more government officials where the sun don't shine.

    I'm just amazed that no one has figured out a workaround that makes sense.

    The bottomline for me is that I already have one of these little jewels, I just like more people to be able to get them.

    I think next I'll go for something smaller and get it street legalized just for fun. That'll keep those men in black on their toes. (Check out the cool little Beemer attached!)

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  3. canadian1

    canadian1 Member


    read again== i said as they are being mfg. today.
  4. chickendumpling,

    I with ya! Dealing with the government is like dealing with lawyers. If you want a different answer, just ask another lawyer or, in this case, another bureaucrat.

    Read the EPA Notice on this thread and tell me it's not an example of confusion laced with BS ...


    This can only be called "Government Speak" which is intended to confuse, block, make difficult, and get in the way of commerce.
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  5. Are you sure this is an absolute statement? For example, talking to EPA reps etc....pass or no pass pending who you go to? While I did not have to have my truck inspected by DOT, I am curious to find out these regs (good mission). I'll look into that...

    What is your take on Classification .... could this be an area to take a shot at? Re-classification from ag to some small utility vehicle? Problem is...I'm not a lawyer...maybe we need to get these gov guys love'in these trucks :)
  6. canadian1

    canadian1 Member


    do you realize the cost to build a mini trk. part by part and piece by piece and the shipping cost from japan. yes; this is legal the best i can determine but the cost would prohibit
    this. if this was feasible; people like yourself would be doing it. and yes, DOT is for you and your family protection also. no, i do not agree with all of the DOT AND EPA regs. some are ridiculous as you have mention above.
  7. chickendumpling,

    Let's get together with the rest of the members and send Barack Obama a Mini Truck! (I can just see him talking about going green and using his Mini Truck to chase Senators around on the Capital grounds.)

    What do you want to bet that if he likes it, the classifications will suddenly change?
  8. canadian1,

    How about this? Import a container of Mini Trucks without a clutch or starter or whole engine for that matter. Import another container with clutches or starters or whole engines.

    Put the two together.

    I'm sure it's not that simple but when dealing with ridiculous regulations you need some ridiculous creativity to work with them.
  9. :):):) Oh, how I've seen similar things happen ....
  10. canadian1

    canadian1 Member

    tatanka mini trucks is importing under a different classification at present but they are still for off-road use only.
  11. canadian1

    canadian1 Member

    going green

    how is going green associated with a mini truck?
  12. Kevinj

    Kevinj New Member

    I still say it's a matter of state's rights and to heck with the Interstate. Convince your state reps to make them on-road legal in your state and include a reciprocity agreement with any state with similar regs. Import them any way you can and keep the off the Federal highways. Too many people look to the Feds for all the answers. Just because they got elected does not make them smart.
  13. canadian1,

    How is going green associated with a Mini Truck you ask?

    Doesn't a Mini Truck burn less fuel than a Standard Pickup Truck? I know that mine does so that's going green!

    Besides, how often do you need the full size truck versus the more convenient size of a Mini Truck? That's even more wasted fuel.

    I'm just trying to appeal to the green folks out there.

    Heck, maybe we can get half of that $700,000,000 bail out that's still left? For $350,000,000, we can swap out a lot of trucks!

    Come on government boys, let's order more green ink and tissue paper and get this country moving the Mini Truck way!
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
  14. canadian1

    canadian1 Member


    i must be behind the times. i was under the impression that going green [as an example] was converting from gas to electric. going green=non-polluting; not just cutting back. correct me if i am wrong
  15. Ran440

    Ran440 Member

    Got to admit that is a very impressive crash test of the Smart Car.

    After driving a mini I still feel it would be very useful for my needs. A round town grocery getter that could haul small loads and get good fuel economy.

    What kind of gas mileage are you getting? What are your driving habits like?

    Going from gas to electric isn't green if your electricity is made from burning coal.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
  16. canadian1,

    Green is burning less fossil fuel!
  17. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Moderator

    i drive it on the hiways at 75 keeping up with traffic and it gets 25-28mpg. around town the best i've gotten was like 36 or 38 i think?
  18. Ran440

    Ran440 Member

    Thanks Milt

    OK everybody can we get back to the main subject here: "Making MiniTrucks Street Legal".
  19. I've actually gotten into the 40's with mine but it's a little newer.

    Now how can we get one of these little jewels for everyone in America?

    I think during the last depression the goal was a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. Let's get out of this depression with multiple chickens in every pot and a collection of cars and Mini Trucks in every garage. (Just for Milt we could make the chickens one-legged space chickens!)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
  20. canadian1

    canadian1 Member


    i've not seen a mini trk. burn coal. how about batteries or solar?

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