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Looking for a DA63T Carry motor?

Discussion in 'Trade-A-Part' started by Anbrew, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. Anbrew

    Anbrew New Member

    I'm bringing a truck in from Japan to convert to Electric.
    The best way is RO/RO where it is driven onto a ship. So I'll pull the K6A motor when I get it home and if you want it it's for sale.

    SAITCHO Active Member

    I dont need the motor but I am very curious about the EV conversion. Can you give us a few details on your plans?
  3. Anbrew

    Anbrew New Member

    Sure well the only issue I have with my trucks is the lack of power. I think I'll organize batteries first so I know which voltage I'll be using. Tere's a few companies selling used Tesla batteries in the U.S. there are a few towns half an hour from our house so 100 km should be enough range. I have found a Chinese company selling an AC motor with controller and their recommendation is 15 kW. From what I’ve read about similar size vehicles it should be more like 30 to 50 kW. Still not sure about that. Unfortunately they don’t offer the regenerative braking option as part of their electronics. So it seems buying a DC motor might make more sense after all. I usually do a 4 inch lift (2 inch frame and 2 inch suspension) but I always struggle with getting the front wheels do not hit the back of the wheel well when turning. I think I will move the entire front suspension forward three or 4 inches to accommodate bigger wheels and prevent this from happening. other than that it’s going to be interesting. I have moderate fabrication skills but I am not a machinist so sticking this motor and tranny together should be fun!
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  4. Anbrew

    Anbrew New Member

    I glued together a plow for the little truck. Works great! Truck is so nimble. Not so good when the snow gets wet and heavy though.

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    SAITCHO Active Member

    Sounds like a good plan, keep us informed!!

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