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Limited Slip Diff. Kit

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Allan, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Allan

    Allan New Member

    I how have limited slip diff. kits for: Daihatsu front and back. Mitsubishi front and back. Suzuki back ['94]. Honda front [6 3/8 wide diff.] Price $295 Hall Mfg. 205-755-4094 Thanks, Allan
  2. jpfanne

    jpfanne Member

    Do you have some more information on the kits? What do they consist of? How easy are they to install? Are they limited slip kits or actual lockers?

  3. Dan

    Dan Member

    I have one of Allan's kits in the rear of one of my mitsubishi's and it was easy to install. It works like a clutch between the axle gears. It is a limited slip, not a locker. It made a huge difference for mine and i have a front kit on the way. Anxious to try it out on another truck to see which will climb better front vs rear.

  4. Allan

    Allan New Member

    Dan's reply is probably better than anything I could have said. I'll add some information on the installing the kit. The chunk [gear case which contains the axle, spider, and ring gears] has to be removes from the differential. The spider gear pin is removed from the chunk. The kit is installed between the axle gears. The spider gear pin is re-installed and the chunk is re-installed in the differential.
  5. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    How about Subaru Sambar front diff?
  6. Allan

    Allan New Member

    I'm to get a front chunk out of a Subaru next week to get the sizes to make a kit for them. Or you can send me your front chunk in case there are more than one size.
  7. Dan

    Dan Member

    I just finished adding a new album to my gallery that walks through what it took for me to install my first kit. i added commentary to each picture. Allan was very helpful in reassuring me of the ease of installation. i had never opened up one of these to this extent and had some apprehensions but it all was very clear as i could see what he had explained to me.

  8. Radar

    Radar Member

    Dan your pics in the gallery make it where anyone can do this mod.

    you said it acts as a clutch. I still haven't figured that part out. It seems that if the pin is still holding the gears. Is the kit always creating friction on the gears? Will it affect turning on black top?

    I have a mitsu van so it has alot of *** end weight.

    Allan what is a price for front and rear for mitsu?

    As soon as I pay off some of my other bills I am going to do this mod.
  9. Allan

    Allan New Member

    To put it another way- it acts like a brake, to help the axle gears turn at the same rate, not one faster than the other. I haven't seen any difference in turning. Price for two kits at once-$560. Allan
  10. Dan

    Dan Member


    I think i'm following your thought on this and i had the same concern. There is a constant tension pressing outward from the kit into the faces of the axle gears riding on tapered roller bearings. these are not the weight bearing parts of the rearend and should handle the extra tension effortlessly. The ***end weight is carried on the sealed ballbearings at the ends of the shafts. The only friction encountered at the kit would be when you're in a turn on pavement or when the wheels are turning at different rates for whatever reason that may be. I thought i would be fighting the steering on the street but, was surprised that i could not tell that there was a difference with or without the kit as far as steering goes. The kit i'm using, allows the tires to run at different rates at about a 80~100 pound difference in torque between them. (I'll have to check it again as the kit mates better with the gear faces) In my case it would deliver that torque to the tire that is on the ground before it is wasted on the one hanging in the air with no resistance/traction. In a turn on the street it will have relatively few revolutions. if in a turn your inside wheel revolves 20 times and your outside wheel turns 23 times, that would have only rotated the differential 3 times through the distance of your turn. Not really much friction happening in there.

    I think i'll stop here with this... that was a yes or no question about the steering being affected wasn't it. ...No.

  11. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Dan, Thanks for the technical response.

    I too was wondering how the front end would react on pavement.

    Now I know.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2008
  12. gbrad

    gbrad Member

    Hey Dan,

    On a scale of one to ten, one being the way it was stock, how much improvement has it made in regards to traction? Have you had one of the rear wheels lifted in the air and seen the difference?

    BTW thanks for doing the work and actually checking these devices out for us. The pictures and descriptions of the install are great.


  13. Allan

    Allan New Member

    The last time I tested my HI-jet with 25" tires, I crossed a ditch at an angle. this caused the left rear tire to get airborne, but it still crossed the ditch. The kits work better after they are broke-in. I'm not sure how long this will take, but it appears it will take several trips. [ Mine is not broke-in yet] Allan
  14. Dan

    Dan Member

    1-10 hmmm

    well if 1 is bone stock and 10 is a complete locker i would say that having just the rear kit is getting me up about 3/4 of the things that stopped me before so i guess 7-8...and with a front kit i suspect i will see a 9. I'm going to put a front kit in a truck without the rear assist and see how that handles by itself.

    heres some before and after video. Theres more if you check "reelman68" in youtube. videos from a month ago are before, and the ones from a few weeks ago are after.
    and after. i wish i could play some of these in slow motion. anyone have sugestions for a free movie editor?

    I do sometimes get a wheel in the air, but will attribute this failed climb to not having any front assist. That kit is on the way...
  15. Radar

    Radar Member

    Thanks Dan I got what you were saying completely.
    Thanks Allan on the price check.
    my son's Bday is this month and also a vacation is already planned so maybe I will order front and rear for mitsu in august.

    Free movie editor.....only one I know of is for linux and I am still trying to get Kubuntu on a usb drive. Sorry Dan I don't think anything in video is free for windows.
  16. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    Nevada Dan on LSD?

    Dan, that's another Great detailed "how to" on the installation of the LSD. Was wandering if you did any before/after runs up the hill while in 2wd? My cuz was wandering if you think it would be a worthwhile install on his 2wd mits. Thanks and awaiting your front install on mits-II, later......slim
  17. gbrad

    gbrad Member

    Thanks, Dan.

    I've been talking to Allan via email. I'll be trying the devices on my Suzuki.


  18. Dan

    Dan Member

    Hey Slimbad!

    I didn't really take a shot at the hills in 2wd but did many doughnuts and some drifting in 2wd. it made a difference there. instead of just driving in circles with one wheel spinning, it would snap the rearend around with both tires kicking up the dirt. theres more video of me that i hadn't posted. just doing brodies and driving sideways until i got lost in my own dustcloud. I'll see if i can find it and let you know when its up.
  19. Dan

    Dan Member

    Here it is. it copied to youtube a little darker than it really was but other than that its really bad video...lol


    heres another of us on lsd... the kit worked great except for when we ridiculously buried a front tire and put a crazy twist on the truck. hoping to remedy that with the front lsd. you can see a few attempts on the soft stuff and the rear digs in to the axle. a few shots later you can see me go around the rutts and it powers right up the hill.

    Last edited: Jul 7, 2008
  20. IndianaJason

    IndianaJason Member

    I see you have it available for a Suzuki (94)..... So I'm guessing its not available for a 92 Suzuki? Difference in 92 to 94?

    Ill be checking out your videos..... very interesting development here. When will something be avail. for Suzuki front?


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