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lets see your hijet post some pics

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by beerwagon, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. mad659

    mad659 Member

    Spot on, it came from a coast guard base. The rack is really well made, thought it was some type of factory option. Thanks for the info.
  2. mad659

    mad659 Member

    Wow! love it. Where did you find the aluminum black storage box? What is that small grill in front of the rear right tire? Sorry for all the questions.
  3. EddieJoe

    EddieJoe New Member

    Nice click and it is very beautiful and i like such kind of mini trucks that looks strong and attractive. Thanks for sharing this information.
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  4. old grayfellow

    old grayfellow New Member

  5. Tuskano

    Tuskano Member

    I want to say that is a stock cover... or at least one of the stock options. Mine has that too.

    Here is recent pictures of mine along with my other ride. Today I drilled and fitted fake Japanese kei plates for car show use. Also recently installed scooter mirrors to replace the huge stock ones. IMG_20150627_200507.jpg IMG_20150627_200642.jpg
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  6. kevin arrant

    kevin arrant New Member

    image.jpg New guy here. Glad I found this forum as I have lots of questions. Here's my 2001 I picked up last week. I think I have checked it over pretty good except - My power assist steering (eps) light is on and the power assist is not working and I think my AC needs charging. Anybody know where the fuse/relay is for the eps and what kind or refrigerant it takes?? Thanks

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  7. Duane Flowers

    Duane Flowers New Member

    Just picked this up...

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  8. CVP33

    CVP33 Active Member

    Looks like God’s country!
  9. 1996 Hijet 17,800 miles, A/C, pretty solid condition.. yet to be registered... plans for painting original white soon after removing a few dings

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  10. DEG95DH

    DEG95DH Member

  11. Roachy

    Roachy New Member

  12. melanson45

    melanson45 New Member

    Hi all. New to this forum but not to mini trucks. Here’s a few pictures of my truck that I’ve been building for the last few years.
    E359065F-B573-4234-889A-D8D6D85C9372.jpeg 52708BDE-259D-4D40-9250-4F76F2697755.jpeg
  13. DEG95DH

    DEG95DH Member

    I went 4x4'ing...:)

    Also put my stickers on. Shout out to @Kauai Kei for the idea!

    land1.jpg land2.jpg hijet sticker1.jpg
  14. Fatdabistan

    Fatdabistan New Member

    First time posting - thought I'd share a few pics of my truck with you all. Still very much a work in progress!





  15. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter Member

    What are those wheels off of? They look great!
  16. CVP33

    CVP33 Active Member

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  17. 98k15004x4

    98k15004x4 New Member

    Mini 1.jpg Mini 2.jpg Mini 3.jpg
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  18. IanS

    IanS New Member

    My 91 I bought last week.

    Worst rust is at the corners of the windshield under the gasket.

    These two bolt-holes in the bumper area are a mystery to me... any idea what they're for?

    Rust streams coming from the handles... Springs rusting, or? Should I replace them before they fail?

    Hardware on the bed is pretty rusty too. Any recommendations on ways to clean it off?

    Interior is pretty good, a few seat tears is all.

    Tires have an ok amount of tread but a lot of cracking... honestly surprised it passed inspection (seller had it inspected last month), on the lookout for the best options for replacements when needed (road vehicle atm, don't need offroading tires).

    IMG_20220419_124259570_HDR.jpg IMG_20220419_124307854.jpg IMG_20220419_124312821.jpg IMG_20220419_124318404.jpg IMG_20220419_124324522.jpg IMG_20220419_124334871.jpg IMG_20220419_124348814_HDR.jpg
  19. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter Member

    Rustoleum rust reformer works well on surface rust. Sand smooth, spray a coat on, then paint whatever color you want over it. The gate latches are replaceable and can be found on several sites. Bolt holes are for front plate.
  20. IanS

    IanS New Member


    Actually just finished fixing all the body scratches/chips/rust with rust reformer and rustoleum auto enamel spraypaint and Spray in bed liner. There's some overspray and paint running that I'll probably clear up with some wet sanding and clearcoat in the future, but for now I'm happy.

    Undercarriage looks alright. Outer area of the brake drums on a couple wheels look pretty rusty, but I'm not thinking I'll try removing the wheels yet. Maybe when I replace them/the tires.

    Also, everything I'm seeing online says that the smallest wheel on 1991 hijets was 12"... are these replacement 10" wheels or what?
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  21. Horn Hunter

    Horn Hunter Member

    Mine are 12x4 and I have seen 12x3.5 mentioned online. Have never seen 10"
  22. CVP33

    CVP33 Active Member

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