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lets get a group together and goto hatfield mccoy in WV

Discussion in 'United States' started by snowfighter, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. snowfighter

    snowfighter New Member

    Ivy branch trail head is open to all off road vehicles. we need to get a large group together on a weekend and let these folks get a better look at our rigs!!! then show them that we have class, we are a respectable group of folks that they would want on their trail system and then lets leave their letting them realize that they are missing the boat on a lot of money to be made by alot of us mini truckers that they are not currently letting on all of their trail heads. It is not the permit money that they seek it is the money we will spend while there EI hotels,food, cabins, fuel and such over the weekend my wife and i spent around $500 down that way on a 3 day weekend and i could easily spend a week there if they would allow us on all of the trail heads.

    It is a 3 hour drive for me to Ivy Branch and would absolutely love to link up with some fellow mini enthusiast. i am thinking towards the end of october when the leaves turn would be a great time? If anyone is interested let me know!!!

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