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Kenda Bear Claws won't seal on stock rims...

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by boomer mooner, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. boomer mooner

    boomer mooner New Member

    Just bought a '96 hijet a couple weeks ago and was excited to get a set of 24x8x12 Kenda Bear Claw tires to swap out for the stock skinny things the truck came with. Ended up at NTB to swap them out because my mechanics tire machine wouldn't work on wheels this small. The guy at NTB took the front pair off first and after mounting the tires on the stock rims he found both of them were leaking around the rim when submerged in water. While I wasn't there he inflated them all the way up to 25 psi to try and get them to seal to no avail.

    Anybody have any suggestions on what to do or why these won't seal. I purchased these tires after searching this site to find others who have been able to use these tires on stock wheels with no lift. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  2. DeMag

    DeMag Member

    That was my biggest problem using stock rims, even if they seal there isn't much of a bead on the stock rims compared to 4-wheeler rims. More often than not when you are in a rut or rub the tires parallel to a log the bead on the stock rims busts which leaves you with a flat and sometimes in the wrong place to change. I use to carry two cans of fix a flat and the green slime tire sealant, you might try that if it isn't a bent rim or if they didn't wire brush the rim bead before installation.

    DYNOBOB Member

    I just put Carlisle All Trails on my stock rims. I coated the bead w/ Dawn dishwash and had to put about 60+ psi before they fully seated. It was a little spooky. I cant see them coming off the rim. I aired down in the woods one day w/ no gauge and drove thru the creek, rocks, etc, etc and when I got to the house one tire had 4 psi in it. :eek:
  4. erixun

    erixun Member

    Wow, I gave my tire guy a challenge (some shops said it couldnt be done as well) and he got them to seat on my stock rims, not sure exactly how he did it, and I dont know if your rims are any different from suzuki stock ones.... try a different shop, and crank up the seating pressure? I do run my Kenda's a little higher psi, about 12-15 or so given the terrain. I havent had any problems with them so far.....
  5. boomer mooner

    boomer mooner New Member

    I'll probably get another set of rims. I was wanting to keep the stock tires in case I have a reason to drive on pavement anyway. Will just have to a wait a bit to do it.

    This new mini has a been a crash course in frustration! The heater is very slow just to get to luke warm and tried to change the thermostat. Thought I had done my homework on the internet and got a $8 thermo at a local auto store only to find it was way too small. Waiting on the correct one now that I ordered on the internet, it was more than $8, and also a tensioner and timing belt.

    Oh well, it's all good! Can't wait to get a stereo in it and some new paint, and rhino line the bed and cab, etc. etc.!
  6. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    The 'ol ether trick would probably work :D
  7. Kei King

    Kei King Member

    Kenda Bear Claw 24-8-12 has a load rating of 310lbs per tire. Considering your truck is around 1700-1800lbs with driver you might want to choose a different tire.
  8. boomer mooner

    boomer mooner New Member

    Several people on this board are running the same tire, Ill take my chances.

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