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Just got a German Subaru Libero !!

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by franck2cv, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Sambarmon92

    Sambarmon92 Member

    Congrats on finally getting your van home. :D:D:D It's been a long wait, but I'm sure it's worth it.
    As far as I know, you might be the only guy in Canada with a 97 Libero.:cool:

    As for repairs.......

    Some parts can be interchanged with other N/A Subaru parts, mainly with
    the Justy. You can also order JDM OEM Sambar/Domingo parts. ( But you know that already )

    I didn't have to deal with CV or brake issues, so I can't be of much help.
    As for the vent airflow, that might be normal. Hopefully one of the Domingo owners can verify that.

    Sorry I couldn't be much help. Good Luck..... and let the fun begin. :pop:
  2. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    Thanks :)
    Work first, fun next.
    I fixed the brakes. It's a very simple set up. It was just a matter of taking it all apart, cleaning and back together.
    The vent issue was related to the battery being very old and feeble! Got a new one..... It starts well and heat well too!
    I've ordered the CV boot from Japanoid. I tried by dimension to find a mainstream car that shares the same boot size but to no avail.
    And first mistake.... I scraped a mirror whilst reversing out of the garage. Damn it..... not small enough! I ordered a mirror as well :-(

    I also changed the oil, spark plugs, oil filter + much cleaning. I pent a good hour going through the owner's book and learn all the seat tricks. It required much patience since all the mechanisms are on the stiff sides.
    And finally, I spent Sunday driving it around and visiting much amused friends!! not to mention the pedestrians and other drivers!!

    'till next time

  3. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    Broken mirror: Fixed
    Alternator belt: My Libero is the simplest one with no AC. The required belt is:
    Ext length: 720mm, Inside: 675mm - V profile
    I found a good match at my local store with a part number suitable for VW Jetta, Rabit, Golf, 1.6 Diesel - 1985-1992

    Anyone can help with a FRAM air filter reference?

  4. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    A few pictures....

    A few pictures....
    Sorry, I had to show off my Left Hand Drive dashboard! :p
    Note the difference between left and right mirror: German Libero have Sambar mirror!... 15% smaller. I'm going to change the left one too at some point.

    Also, see that little fan? Do you have such thing on your Domingo? I don't know what it cools but it always comes on for a minute or two when I turn off the engine!

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  5. Sambarmon92

    Sambarmon92 Member

    Looking good, love the headlight washers. Doesn't look like those would work on a Sambar bumper.

    Now you can make a mould for LHD conversions and make some $$$:).

    I wonder why they went with the smaller mirrors, like in the Sambar trucks. The vans ( Dias II ,at least ) had the bigger ones since 92.

    That's there to cool the engine, scared the crap out of me when I first heard it. :eek:
  6. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    Headlight washers: Totally OTT !!! There's a push button on the dashboard to operate them and I'm telling you.... Those two little buggers are like bloody showers!!! And the frustrating thing is: The windshield washer does not seem to function properly. The fluid takes a while to come up and when it does, it just oozes out feebly..... Something I will have to address very soon.

    Dashboard mold.... OK, what about pedals, steering etc...... :frustration:

    Mirror: You don't really want to know.... European obscure laws and regulation. Believe me, I was born there!

    Fan: Does the Sambar has that gimmick too ?
  7. Sambarmon92

    Sambarmon92 Member

    I would check/replace the tubing, there might be some gunk in there blocking the passage. Probably be better off replacing it, its old and most likely frail. You can get the clear stuff at Rona/Home Depot pretty cheap. Also check the plastic tube connectors, they might be the ones causing problems.

    As for the moulds, it just an idea. Something to keep in mind for the future, to help others get their RHD Domingos legal. Didn't the laws and regulations start the whole problem in the first place ?;););)

    BTW, how are the two 2cv's that were damaged in the container doing ?:pop:
  8. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    Washer: Yep, looks like I will have to do just that to fix it. Have you done it ? I did not look at it closely... how do you get to those hoses, can you pull out the black jet??
    Quebec RHD Laws: from a temporary band, it is now permanent. No more RHD import from 15 to 25 years old vehicles. 25yo and older are considered classics.
    2cv: We have the parts to fix them, but I can't carry on paying anymore. It will have to wait until the insurance claim is settled.... which will take many more months I'm afraid. P7113284.jpg P7113287.jpg P7113288.jpg
  9. Sambarmon92

    Sambarmon92 Member

    Washers: I haven't done them on the Sambar. I've done them on my 96 Legacy.(much easier) One of the washers wasn't working properly.
    Checked the sprayer and tubing, all clear. Turned out to be the plastic that joins the tubing together. It was designed for one way flow.
    Cleaned it up with a wire and that fixed the problem.

    The nozzle sprayers (if designed like other Subarus) should be held on by clips and can be removed by turning them 45 degrees, and pulling out.
    Getting to the tubing might be a B!@#H.

    Wow, they sure are taking their sweet time. Hang in there.
  10. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    I'm wondering if the front panel can be easily removed !
    I might post a new thread in the Sambar section to see if Sambar owners dealt with it already.
    I took the Libero out this am. First real cold morning (-16c). The starter motor sounded a bit sluggish but it fired after 5 or 6 rev.
    The ventilation/defrost isn't great at all..... Having no mean to compare with anything similar, I'm wondering if it's just one of the E12 weakness or if something isn't working as it should.
    :) F.
  11. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    No luck on the Sambar pages :(
    But I made some progress: The washer pump has been replaced and the washer jets are in working order.... although a bit weak to my taste.
    The jet housing are screwed not clipped. There's a nut behind that is not locked in place, which means, if you unscrew the jet, the nut will fall along the hose. Luckily I tried on the passenger side and I managed to access behind the panel through the glove box (black compartment is simply screwed on).

    Defrost: Fixed. Easy... the lever was not pushing the swivel mechanism all the way. Now, all the air is directed onto the windshield.
  12. anthill

    anthill Member

    Good to hear your van is working Franck!

    I'll add your alternator belt info to my Domingo tips thread. Any other part numbers / maintenance tips to share?

    The engine bay cooling fan behaves the same on mine - not sure why it turns on after the car is stopped. It's activated by a separate, independent thermoswitch in the coolant loop. I guess it's a redundancy thing?

    The washer jets are pretty weak on my Domingo too, and only reach the top of the windshield when blown at highway speeds. I've developed some work-around technique, but it's a pain. Wondering if I might be able to swap the pump for something a little stronger.

    Have you had any luck with replacement windshield washers? I've been using the replacement packs from Canadian Tire, but they're really short-lived.
  13. anthill

    anthill Member

    I'm confused, my van has A/C and I used a belt that was labeled "380mm". Yours should be shorter, not longer, with one less pulley. I wonder if mine was a half-length measure?
  14. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    Hi Anthill,

    Good to have you back, it's been a while! :D

    Belt: Weird indeed ! it's not as if it's hard to measure!! I'm confused too!

    Windshield Washer: OK, now that I know you have a similar issue, I'm tempted to conclude the set-up is weak, period! I'm planning on changing for a arm mounted nozzle commonly used on some GM vehicles (and the Citroen BX too.... I used to have one!). Much better than traditional body mounted nozzle.

    Happy new year 2013 with many happy trouble free miles.

  15. anthill

    anthill Member

    Franck - one more question - Did you replace the front brake pads? I'm wondering if Justy pads will fit (mine are overdue).

    Looking forward to copying your windshield washer fix and seeing how the EV conversion works out!
  16. franck2cv

    franck2cv Member

    No I didn't. Both disc and pads were in excellent condition. The Justy set up is entirely different (disc/pads/calipers). Rockauto has some Libero/Domingo references

    Here is a litle drawing to compare Justy and E12 pad shapes.

    Let us know.... :)

  17. neil1985

    neil1985 New Member

    My subaru sumo 1.0 won't start

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