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ITP Sport Track Wheels vs. Stock Steel

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Jason4606, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Jason4606

    Jason4606 New Member

    I have three ITP Sport Track 7 spoke wheels and need a 4th. I thought they were 4+3 offset but just measured and now think they're 5+2. (Not sure of the terminology with ATV wheels, but the total width is 7 3/4" and Total Backspace is only 2".)

    Should I even mess with trying to find a 4th to match or just mount my new 23x8.5" ag lug tires on the stock wheels?

    I got the wheels because I was concerned 8.5" was too wide for the stock wheels, now I'm concerned that these are going to stick out way too far.:confused:


  2. xroadsimport

    xroadsimport Gold Supporting Member

    If they only have a 2" back space then they are 2+5. That is now what you want on your mini truck. You could use them on the back. What you could do is get 2 ST wheels for the front. You would then have 1 etra for the back.

    I sell a LOT of them. I would take the 2+5s in trade and sell you 4 more.

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