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[SOLVED] ISUZU ELF: Which Version Do You Like for Used Car?

Discussion in 'Honda TN7 and 360' started by deborahjlinares12, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. deborahjlinares12

    deborahjlinares12 New Member

    The first generation ISUZU ELF was released in August 1958 as a cab over type 2-ton TRUCK. Main features included a cabin that was wider than that of competitors’ models, and good visibility due to wide front windows. Moreover, a riding capacity of 3 people was secured due to the installment of bench seats. The use of backward hinged doors was another distinctive feature, and double round headlights were also employed. As for the body variation, the model first started with the flat body only, but over time, the variation expanded with the addition of dump truck, van, cab back crane, and so on more information available at jdm sport classics.

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