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Irons in the fire

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by Koffer, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. Koffer

    Koffer Active Member

    8D571D3C-BF7F-4CA3-90AD-E8FE04373959.jpeg Since my one van is getting it’s beauty treatment the new heart has shown up from Japan for the van I bought for “parts”
    I bought it from Yokohama motors in Japan , ordered a little over a week or so ago Was emailed saying I’d see it on the Monday 13th But got a email From DHL on Friday 10th around noon that it was out for delivery so I raced 1:15 over to the commercial address where it was being delivered . Called the number and sat on hold for a half hour while driving ( Bluetooth and a sticky note stuck to the dash with the tracking number making it possible :D ) telling them I’d be there but it was going to take a bit of time as I wasn’t expecting it that day but cool . I was told no problem and added my cell number to the account . Sat there till 6:30pm and called back
    Oh they deliver up to 8 pm , I asked for commercial addresses? Nope till 5 . and since it was not really scheduled till Monday it just didn’t get done in time by the driver :mad:.
    Whatever, I’ll deal with it
    Monday rolls around , doing my thing there and the the DHL guy pulls up around 4pm to the loading dock in a regular van and I ask him If he’s got a package for us ?
    No , but he’s knows the package and since it’s over 70 lbs they need to send it in another truck and They didn’t have one . WTF ? I can understand his end with the weight but his jerk off site manager didn’t feel like dealing with it so he’s just leaving it there. The driver said he’d make sure it went out on Tuesday and if they won’t bring it in the other truck he’d bring it himself . Today rolls around and damn if he didn’t bring it . Said the manager was going to just leave again today and not deal with getting in on the right type of truck I figured it was going to be heavy but was about 125# . He had it there , I had him swing around to the other door so it could be lifted off the truck and set down instead of lifting it up the 3 feet up onto the loading dock
    He was true to his word which is nice to see so he was spotted a Jackson since he deserved it
    On to the glamour shots
    Packed super well , came with valve cover,oil pan ,new timing set and water pump . They also put in the box a new oil filter, plugs and a factory Subaru gasket kit .:cool:
    52410347-4C51-4F65-9B73-545983A38D93.jpeg D38705C5-F80C-4821-8CD4-DE2AC5BC47EB.jpeg 8C42CD8E-31CF-4214-9008-47EDB4281111.jpeg
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