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Interesting Mitsu engine info

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by fremontminitrucks, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    Toro part # is NLA. I think I found a proper cross reference and found a vendor with a half dozen of them via Amazon. I'll find out next week and share the p/n if it turns out to be correct...
  2. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    No dice on my previous reference, but Mits pn Md307343 for 3g81 (and I _think_ 3g83 as well) crosses to a felpro SS70359, which includes 2 installation guides and 12 seals.
  3. rick w

    rick w New Member

    I need help determining what motor i have in a mitsubishi vin . U14tqhpdl2m. Please help ...
  4. harveje

    harveje New Member

    ? on 98 mits minicab vx 3g83 carb engine
    are these 6 or 12 valve engines? and any luck on valve seals for these?
  5. sawtoothbiker

    sawtoothbiker New Member

    Hi Bob do you still have the head and throttle body?
  6. Norm Rowe

    Norm Rowe New Member

    Did you find out about the extra hose?
  7. JeffZ

    JeffZ New Member

    thanks on that part #, didn't have any luck with it, but i decided to use the website/app that we use at the shop i work at. did find a dayco timing belt part # that seems to match. and a few others.
    dayco part # 95241 *notes* Geo - Metro L3 1.0 (1993-1995) - Camshaft Pontiac - Firefly L3 1.0 (1994-1995) - Camshaft Suzuki - Swift L3 1.0 (1994) - Camshaft if that's any indications that it may work.

    >>>> napa part # NBH 250241 i did confirm that the number of teeth and length match via the specs on the page. so i'm ordering that one since the u14t my son and i just picked up the timing belt is missing (blames the other shop)
  8. Kyle Ford

    Kyle Ford New Member

    3g81 or 3g83
  9. JeffZ

    JeffZ New Member

    Lift up the seats .. should be a metal plate stating that number you just typed above... And below it... Says engine... Then trans axle... Then color, INT... OPT
  10. JoejonesU42T

    JoejonesU42T New Member

    What is your engine #

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