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Interesting Mitsu engine info

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by fremontminitrucks, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. I found out some very handy info yesterday, we have a 94 mitsu here that needs a new cap and rotar. After a little bit of googling I found that the engine in the 94 (perhaps others) is the same engine used by Toro in some of their commercial mowers, we were able to get a new cap and rotar at the toro lawn more dealer!!!
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  2. BLES

    BLES Member

    That's very interesting! I never thought about it 'till you mentioned it, but, yeah, Mits engines are popular in small equipment. This engine (http://www.commercialpower.com/display/router.asp?DocID=79717#anc) is actually a Mits engine. I'd have to check but I believe the Mits/Briggs deal is done now and they're changing engine manufacturers. Do you happen to have the part #'s handy? I'm in the small engine business and I'd like to check it out and get prices. Toro isn't usually the cheapest source for parts.

  3. I don't have the part #'s here at home, when I get to the shop this afternoon I'll see if I can dig them up. I wasn't so much concerned with Toro having the cheapest prices but a readily available source for parts without having to call japan.
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  4. BLES

    BLES Member

    Yeah, I understand that. I'm always curious about pricing too, though, since things are so competitive nowadays. The important part is you got (or can get) what you need quickly and easily. The rest is just a matter of curiousity for me. If it's not handy for you, forget about those #s.
  5. michael a

    michael a Member

    BLES, i had found this out and had found somewhere a carb rebuild kit part# for a mitsubishi engine on a toro workman but did not know if it would work because it has less HP than the mini truck engines but it did say it was for a Mitsubishi 3g83 Carb. What do you think i may can find the link again if you need it. Thanks michael
  6. BLES

    BLES Member

    Hey Michael! Don't sweat it. It was just an interesting thing to me cause I deal in Briggs (Mits) parts every day.
  7. michael a

    michael a Member

    ok no problem, thanks anyway
  8. As a side note on this I forgot to add, in case anyone has one of these with the japanese plugs I was able to use Autolite 3923s and it pur's like a kitten:D
  9. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    Here's what I've found on this: (first of all i have no affiliation w/Toro - just thought this might be of interest to 3G83 engine owners)

    Best i can tell Toro used Mits 3G83 engines in their Workman series (3200/4200) commercial landscape/golf course equipment (1993-2001). I think they went with Daihatsu engines from 2002+ (a 950cc version).

    Here's the link to the 3G83 carb cleaning instructions (it's a 4 page customer svc bulletin - disregard pg1-2 look at pg3-4).


    For more parts/#'s and nice assembly diagrams do this:


    On the Toro Master Parts Viewer page - enter model number 07200. This will bring up a Table listing model years 1993-2001, to the right of the year you desire, click on View Assembly Drawings.

    This page will list available assembly drawings. click on one and it will give you an exploded view of that assembly with a parts/# list on your left.

    Click on a part # and it will take you to a Parts Pick List page. Click on the blue "click here". This will take you to the "Where to buy, Service or Rent Toro" page.

    Scroll to the bottom of that page under Professional Contractor:
    ---in box one choose "Landscape equipment"
    ---in box two enter your US zip/Canadian postal code
    ---in box three leave "Service"
    click on green find arrow

    Now you have a Retailer Locator info page - call one up, give them your part # and see what happens.

    One thing, certain assy/parts ore not going to be compatible (breather, exhaust and other assy - this is landscape equip). However things like starter, alternator, distributor/wires/plugs (even shows plug #) prob will work.
    Don't know about the front/rear brake assy/parts but you can look at the assy and see. I have no idea about prices or service - just an FYI for anyone interested.

    Not trying to get into any dealer/sponsor's business just thought the info might help the masses....later, slim
  10. nick

    nick Member

    Thanks Slim,
    Awesome info!
  11. I can confirm that the rotar/cap/ and plug wires all work just fine, I'm fairly confident that most other "standard consumable" parts outside of brakes will work as well.
  12. michael a

    michael a Member

    fremont so it don't make any difference that the engine on the workman has less horespower than the mini truck engine? I had wondered if it did.
  13. Doesn't seem to, a spark's a spark I guess huh?
  14. michael a

    michael a Member

    i guess not, i wanted to get a set of plug wires for my 95 mits when i changed the plugs but couldn't get a cross reference number i guess you solved that problem for me. Thanks alot and if you find any more parts from the toro will work post it Thanks again
  15. that would be great, I hope it works for ya, I know it sure was nice for me to get some off the shelf parts from the toro dealer that fixed my mini truck!
  16. h2hminitrucks

    h2hminitrucks New Member

    Great info, on this thread, it is great to see guys sharing info and finding local outlets for parts! Daihatsu?, Suzuki? anyone!
  17. golfcartguy

    golfcartguy New Member

    Did anyone purchase a carb kit from the Toro dealer? Or do you know where I could buy a rebuilt or new carb for my 4 cyl mini truck? (Mits/Cushman) Thx
  18. countryrebel

    countryrebel Member

    Can you post those part #'s for us.
  19. That Mitsu sold a long time ago but I have almost a dozen here now so I'll see what I can find on the ones that are here.
  20. Dan

    Dan Member

    Hey Golf cart guy, call your ez-go golf cart vendor. They are the supporting vendor for the cushman trucks. I posted a web site in the reference section that will get you to a very thourough parts manual with exploded parts breakdowns.

  21. golfcartguy

    golfcartguy New Member

    Thanks again Dan. I tried the local ezgo vendor, they sent me to another, and so on. I will try another spot tomorrow and will post part numbers if I have any luck. I did find one dealer that would order a carb for me, but they were way too high (ridiculously so, $1300+) Anyway, thanks again.
  22. hturner

    hturner New Member

    I found another hose coming from my distributor it is not the vac advance and it is not connected to anything, my truck quit running and it was because of moisture. I removed the cap and found that it needed a new one, however i am wondering about the extra hose that seems to go nowhere. I think that is where the problem started last hunting season after a large rain. it has refused to crank twice since then after a rain. any help? Hugh
  23. TractorDre

    TractorDre New Member

  24. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

  25. TractorDre

    TractorDre New Member

    Well the B&S has a larger Displacement that means that the B&S must have a smaller carberator.

    Well if all the parts are compatible then you should be able to swap out the caburator or EFI.

    Just a thought.
  26. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    displacement doesn't necessarily mean that it's got more power. it's how the entire engine is put together. i had an engine in my drag car that was 126 cubic inches (2.1 litre) and i could smoke a dodge viper that had a V10.

    think about the old chevys, is a 350 a 350 all the way around? i've seen 305's that made more power than a big block... knowhatamean?
  27. TractorDre

    TractorDre New Member

    You have a point there MM
  28. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    this is a really good parts find...thanks
    the only thing i found with the toro engine is that it is only a 6 valve engine and mine is 12 valve, so lots of stuff will work but not the valve train.
    thanks for the site
  29. MiniTiger

    MiniTiger New Member

    94 Mits Engine and trans

    does any one know where i could get a complete engine and transmission for a 94 mits? Thanks
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  30. golfcartguy

    golfcartguy New Member

    I have a complete truck for parts, includes good engine and transmission, body is rough. I can be contacted via : homefinderusa2@yahoo.com

    And am located in Maryland.
    $1500 for complete truck.

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