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Insurance, what are the typical cost?

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by Fierce, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Fierce

    Fierce New Member

    IMG_5516.JPG Called to add my new DD51T to our insurance policy, first had to convince them the VIN was the VIN lol then all good but for Full Coverage was $201 a month!! (Classified as a Specialty Vehicle) I have a 2012 Ram Dually, 2013 Avenger, a 2008 48 foot enclosed trailer with living quarters and a 1999 Suburban plow truck all with Full Coverage for the same cost a month as they wanted just for the mini truck.

    To add it to the policy with just Liability is $3 a month and to do Liability with Fire and Theft is $88.00. I opted for the $88.00 a month "deal" lol.

    This seem normal to what others are seeing?

  2. jarrod

    jarrod New Member

    That's about what they quoted me at 80$ a month from progressive, and they were Insure it as a kit car which I thought was weird, I'm still searching around for a insurance an farm bureau would do if I was Already a existing member.
  3. Jdmonealp

    Jdmonealp Member

    That's not entirely true with progressive, unless they don't like that its newer than 25 yr old. I had to talk with them for a bit before they would insure mine... they wanted me to have a commercial account. I said.. "UHHH, why? can I insure a ford ranger? its the same concept. its a $3000 truck that is epa and dot legal to drive, I want minimum coverage". I was put on hold for 5 min. she came back and put it on my policy for $12/mo. Now I have my Acty Street van on the same policy and it is $11 a month
  4. jarrod

    jarrod New Member

    where are you located in Indiana I'm in the far south 20 mins from Kentucky, I tried to convince progressive but they seemed not to budge at all and wanted to keep it as a kit car, which agency was it in Indiana if you don't mind.
  5. Jdmonealp

    Jdmonealp Member

    Indianapolis. And I called 1800 progressive. I'd call again and talk with a manager if possible. I'd let them know that it is truck that is 100% legal to own, and you are legally required to have insurance. Also give the value of the truck, that seemed to be the tipping point for mine. Like "ohh, it's $3000, ok". They are insuring it wrong as a kit car.

    Now, if you are trying to go full coverage, I can see the, charging a lot. It's basically a guarantee that it will be totaled for any small fender bender. Parts are unavailable, and if they are, $800 for a fender or something silly like that. So they will charge way more for full coverage because you can literally bump into something and total it.

    Does your state have specific mini truck laws?
  6. jarrod

    jarrod New Member

    Yes I live in Indiana same as you
  7. Jdmonealp

    Jdmonealp Member

    Oh wow. I missed that part. Lol.

    Then for sure. Progressive 1800 number. They had to put xxxx in front of the vin to get it the right length. But with our state specific mini truck laws, it should be easy.
  8. jarrod

    jarrod New Member

    Should be but it's been rather disappointing and I plan on trying what you did,thanks for the help

    KKVEGAS New Member

    I called my American Family agent office they took my info and were trying to figure out if it would be classified as a ATV or vehicle. they called me back later that day and advised that underwriting determined it was a truck, bottom line i got comprehensive/collision 500 deductible, and full glass coverage for $48.00 a month.
  10. NefariousYellow

    NefariousYellow New Member

    I work for State Farm and got my 89 Sambar insured for $15 a month full coverage!

    Not crappy liability limits either. 250/500/100 (minimum needed in order for me to maintain my umbrella policy) and $50 deductibles for comprehensive and collission claims.

    Give your local State Farm agent a call. They'll be able to help you.
  11. Will Von Wizlepig

    Will Von Wizlepig New Member

    I just got my truck covered, however, when I called Progressive a couple of months ago to look into what it would cost, I got someone on the phone who made it seem like insuring a mini-truck would be a nightmare and too hard and I think I sat on the phone with this guy for 1.5 hours.

    Well, on Sunday when I looked into getting my new truck hooked up, I used the online chat from the Progressive website, and this guy got me taken care of and done in about 25 minutes.

    If you contact your insurance company and they give you the run-around or make it seem like it's going to be difficult, try calling back later. No idea why you get such a grab-bag experience with trying to insure things.

    My rate is a little difficult to calculate- it's $308 every 6 months, but that includes my other truck, car, and scooter, too, but I forget what it was beforehand. I am also 47, so, I get that old guy discount.
  12. Stan

    Stan New Member

    When I got my truck since it was registered to my company as a shop truck/runner I just called my insurance company commercial and told him I want it fully insured that fire damage comp collision all that crap. Cost me $316 added to the policy but the policy rolls in May and it's a one-year policy so she had to add the xxxx in front of the Vin number to make it work but they didn't have an issue. And this is liberty mutual, wa state

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