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Importing with BPro Auto

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by ShaneEM, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. ShaneEM

    ShaneEM New Member

    I've recently imported a 1997 Honda Acty from Japan to Canada through BPro Auto and I'd like to share my experience!


    I know many have you have gone through BPro already but I figured another experience couldn't hurt.

    I spent a good few weeks researching different ways of importing. I considered just doing it myself without a Canadian company facilitating but I decided that for my first time, considering all the things that could go wrong and horror stories I read, that I would go with a registered importer. BPro had extremely good reviews, people saying Brian (the owner) would bend over backwards to help and they were very correct.

    I sent Brian an email and could very quickly see why his company had the reviews it had. So accommodating, answering all my questions. He would browse the auctions but to be honest, I was on there a lot so I would send him vehicles I was interested in. I would send about 4-5 a day and he would respond back a few hours later with translated auction sheets and more info if he could get it like pictures. One of them he actually had his contact in Japan go to the dealer and view the truck itself!

    I found the truck I wanted to bid on and sent the link over. If you don't know how the auctions work, they are over in seconds. You bid and I think each vehicle lasts about 20-30 sec in auction and it's done. Brian said it's normal not to win your first few but I won the first truck I bid on! Brian had shipping arranged, sent over all the paperwork and was in constant contact through email or text the entire time. Once it landed he sets up shipping if that's how you are proceeding. Unfortunately for me as soon as the truck was loaded on the train, CN Rail went on strike for a week.

    There has been one further issue with the Registered Import Vehicles department since the truck arrived, preventing me from getting temp plates. I brought the problem to Brian who immediately responded and got me in contact with his import broker to help me solve the problem - who himself was amazing.

    I am writing this on a Sunday and the issue happens this past Friday so has yet to be resolved. I will update once it is solved but as for my experience with BPro Auto...it has been an outstanding experience and worth the little extra cash I paid for the piece of mind. Brian has created a wonderful company and experience.

    If anyone has any questions regarding the experience or would like some assistance on deciding how to import I'm happy to help!
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  2. ShaneEM

    ShaneEM New Member

    Issue solved! On the road!
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