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I'm gonna be a dad!!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Mighty Milt, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. ukmicro

    ukmicro Member

    Congrats Milt, All the best to your good lady and little un.
  2. DarinRay

    DarinRay Member

    Bravo Milt. Glad everything is working out. We have a 10 week old baby girl and WOW what a blessing. Tell everyone to keep up the good work. :)

  3. confuzed

    confuzed Member

    congrats on the birth,would not worry my dau was a premmie 2 lbs real healthy and it far from skinny lol 21 now lool many years ago
  4. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    Grats:) I always liked "bindertwine" for a name...ex wife never went for that tho:confused:
  5. DannyM

    DannyM Member

    Congrats on the young man. He is a good looking guy and from the looks on yours and Jens face your very proud. All the best to the family and may God Bless you .
  6. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Congrats to you and Jen. Sorry to hear about the mag treatment. My wife and I went through the same thing. It wasn't very fun.
  7. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Congrats, Milt! Enjoy the ride.
  8. 93mit

    93mit Member

    Deductions +1
  9. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    Congrats! you have a lvl 1 human now!
  10. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    whiskey tango foxtrot! over.
  11. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    Income Tax. Lincoln will be helping out come APR 15.:D......slim
  12. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    Congratulations Just got my computer back up and saw that I missed everything. Hope things are going well there. He sure is cute. Now the fun begins.
  13. 93mit

    93mit Member

    Tax deduction, dependent.
  14. andy_george

    andy_george Member

    Congrats Milt! Cute little bugger he is! How exciting!

    Last October my wife and I had our first baby, Madeline. I was on this site a lot back then, and was through the spring. In August my little Maddie was diagnosed with a super rare heart condition called restrictive cardiomyopathy, with only 1 cure...heart transplant. Needless to say, as much as I like this site, I haven't been around much. We literally had thousands of people around the world praying for her, and on October 23rd, a day after her birthday, she got a heart. She was only on the transplant list 2 months, the match was perfect, and we are heading home today from the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. Almost unheard of wait time, and her recovery is amazing all the staff here.

    I'm a little biased, but I think she's the cutest thing ever, and this whole ordeal makes us love her even more, if that's possible. Kids are such a gift, and any good Dad would go through anything to help the little stinkers. Good job Milt!

    I'll try to attach a pic. BTW. 2 weeks after Maddies diagnosis, we found out my wife is pregnant with #2! Due next April!


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  15. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    damn andy, i almost couldn't read that... happy to hear things ended well... and congrats on #2!!

    your story makes the nearly 3 weeks my boy has been in ICU look like a walk in the park.

    on a side note, my heart isn't top notch. i had heart surgery back in 02. while they fixed the biggest problem i had, i still have a mitral valve prolapse and a tricuspid valve prolapse... heart problems are passed down in my family, and one of my greatest fears is that he will inherit this.
  16. andy_george

    andy_george Member

    My wife has mitral valve prolapse. They don't think that had anything to do with Maddies heart, though.

    It does stink we can't control passing on the stuff, just hope for the best. Better to be a good Dad and pass on goofy genes than be stuck with a bad Dad!

    We have been in and out of the hospital, mostly in, for over 3 months now. But we have to be thankful....it could have been *much* longer.

    You and your family will be in our prayers!

  17. wainair

    wainair Member

    Congrats Milt!!

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