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How many Daihatsu Hijet (S80/S81) Owners?

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by TexAcoon, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    Fot the steering adapter I found I had to make my own as I could find no cross reference ..heres the old write up http://www.minitrucktalk.com/showthread.php?t=5261
  2. gdelony

    gdelony Member

    I missed out on this thread, but for the record, I own a 1989 S80 US model left drive; safari version. Its only 2WD so I wont be trickigng it like some of the other awsome trucks in the forum. Speedo says 48,000+ now, it showed 23,000+ when I got it; I am sure it rolled over. As mentioned in an earlier post Leon @ Daihatsu Help was a huge help with tech & parts; I made some substantial repairs on it in 2003-4. She might be starting to get tired again. I really want a 4x4 Hijet; but no room and I cant imagine getting rid of this ole hijet.

    After all the "work" it does haul a@#$%.
  3. sherlock2002

    sherlock2002 New Member

    Great idea to have an area just for S80/S81 model Hijets.
    I have just bought mine, and find that the search function brings up too much model unrelated stuff.
    I say go for it!
  4. makindue

    makindue New Member

    Hi R.E101. I have a friend that is a good vendor. He have supplied me with the plug wires that I needed. :D
  5. GARPAC1

    GARPAC1 New Member

    I currently have a 91 4x4 Hijet, dump with scissor bed, 23k miles, x-government vehicle, a 91 4x4 Jumbo I might be parting out, a chop top two wheel drive, and a unit that I have parted out already. I have a good long block -550cc eb block complete, other items might consider selling/trading
  6. mudriver

    mudriver New Member

    '94 Hijet jumbo s80lp owner needs mentoring & love.

    I have a '94 Hijet Jumbo, s80lp, 2wd, left-hand-drive, government issue, etc.. "Property Of" tag I found said the US Navy.

    This is my first minitruck, I'm having a good time working out the kinks. I had to replace the fuel tank & fuel line first, I've never really worked with LP before, so that was interesting. Then I identified & removed the speedometer cable fuel-cutoff device, as well as the e-clip in the transfer case. I took her for a spin in high range & started getting hot, no heat blowing through the dash, etc..

    SO I started hunting thermostats, & found that I need to remove the distributor. Although TRAX&HORNS tells me I can get it out of there without removing the distributor, I'll probably only screw with it for a few minutes, because I'm not on a time budget, & the more crap I take apart & put together, the more I understand.

    I'm going to try to use this vehicle for limited on-road use, & I'd like to have more speed available to me. Is there anyone out there with these gov't issue s80lp units that are moving down the road faster than about 40? & if so.... how'd you do it beyond the aforementioned clip & fuel cutoff? I do plan on looking for a little bigger wheels & tires, but nothing crazy large. I keep making jokes with my redneck buddies (read: giant-truck owners), about putting some 15" super-swampers on this baby.

    I'm glad to be on the forum, I'll probably ask a lot of dumb questions, but I'll sure appriciate the answers, and if you think they're TOO dumb, email me & I'll tell you all about how my daddy was good at mechanical things like this, but we never really got along & he never took me under his wing & taught me, so now I'm figuring out my way in the world all alone, etc., etc., bla bla bla.:D
  7. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill New Member

    mine is a '90 4x4 Hijet S81, dump with scissor platform, only 3k miles (hadn't been driven this century until I got it running), ex Dept of Interior vehicle, used by the National Fisheries.
  8. Hellabeefy

    Hellabeefy New Member

    Sup erry body, new to the hijet scene here, heres a little about my little that I've figured out on my own it's a 98 s81 4x4 single cab 547cc rhd. Paid $500usd from a Jerry Springer list of names. Didn't start when I got it. New plugs wires rotar and cap. Hmmm some one goofed something. Dug deeper points in diz was warped and broke as soon as I touched it. New points (77chevy luv matches) come in today so I'll swap it and see if thats gonna make this little chubby run. But yeah dig and found out they swapped the coil for a oilfilled coil with no resistor so we think that's what killed the points. But seriously the left sides headlight bezel is trashed. Id like to do a face lift. I see alot of the cabs are the same for our body and newer ones with 1 piece headlights. Are they interchangeable? Do the newer bumpers fit? It's not a work truck any more, I'm going for swagger points. Yes I did use the search button for any of you grummy turds who aren't willing to help haha. learned alot so far just from Window shopping all the threads here!
  9. woopee

    woopee New Member

    1991 or 1992 Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo Cab
    547 cc EB series engine, 2 WD
    LHD (Left-hand drive)
    Manual 4 speed + reverse
    3-way folding bed
    High range enabled by me (it was the E-clip)
    Odometer and speedometer in miles
    10 inch wheels stock
    Tires 5.00-10 Load Range D Tubeless Bias-Ply (Deestone makes these and calls them "trailer tires")
    Originally owned by a university for maintenance personnel

    My opinion so far... don't get one of these in 2018 or later. The parts are drying up and finding out how to repair these is difficult. Mine was bought running and with no rust, and I still had a number of unknown things to buy to fix her up. The fluids are impossible to match in the US, the hard parts are almost gone (made in Japan and basically it's all NOS or used), and when you find a part, it's generally 3 to 5 times what a comparable old Chevy part would be.

    I will try to find time to update everyone on part numbers and sources. I have improvised some, and I am currently fighting to get larger wheels onto this to get it some offroad and gravel road traction. I like this truck, but this is harder to work on than an old US-made truck.
  10. Hellabeefy

    Hellabeefy New Member

    I feel your pain. I'm thinking of selling mine and finding another one that's running. I seen the local tractor dealer has the 2018 model. Might get one of those bc there US street legal with out crazy paper trail like the older models
  11. woopee

    woopee New Member

    You can get a 2018 minitruck? Wow, that's neat. I did some research a few weeks ago on the Daihatsu website, Japanese Domestic Market in Japanese. Man, those trucks are cheap. They start around $8900 and with options go up to only around $12,500. Of course, we have to import them under poor economic and trade issues, not to mention the middle-man and the shipper... But still, a new one would be a hoot. If someone could make one of these domestically (hint, Toyota) and sell them modified for UTV use... they'd be the best thing to beat a UTV or side-by-side where people demand a heated interior and high speeds!! They'd soon make a van/truck that could seat 5 and still have a little pickup bed like a UTV.
  12. Camominijet

    Camominijet New Member

    Hi gents !!! I am currently stationed in Okinawa Japan and got my hands on a 1988 Hijet S81p 4x4 (from the original owner !!!) I have tinkered with it a lot and can help out if you need info or anything , plan on bringing it back next year , it’s my daily driver here on the island . 65,000 km original miles and passes inspection with flying colors !!! I have a lot of pics but can’t upload on here for some reason . hit me up !!!
  13. woopee

    woopee New Member

    Good deal! Hoorah if you're a Marine... LOL if you're a Seabee or something.

    Hey, I've got a stuck clutch now. Do you have any tips or expert advice or parts sources in Okinawa? Any gear heads at the base who mess with JDM vehicles? The guy over at Yokohama Motors is nice enough and they advertise here, but man, it would be nice to have another source if you know of any. I've bought a couple of things from them and had some success, but it's good to see someone who speaks English and has a Daihatsu Hijet!!
  14. Camominijet

    Camominijet New Member

    Yes I had the same problem a while back with a stick clutch cause the humidity here and it sat for about 2 weeks . If you remove your bed access panel and look at the top it the bell housing there is a black rubber square that pops out , spray a few squirts of oil in ther and pump the clutch and it should free up , it may slip a tad after you get it going but it will go away , hope this helps . As far as parts go o go through local shop on base but eBay has pretty close prices to what I pay .
  15. John M

    John M New Member

    Greetings from Louisiana!
    S81P right hand drive Jumbo (1989?) here, sitting in my back yard now because it won't start. I changed the fuel and air filters, added Seafoam to the tank, sprayed starter fluid in the carb, check the spark to the plugs... it will crank but not start. I'm going to change the spark plugs again- did 2 years ago but it overheated last year, maybe damaged them? There is no visible belt but it started without one before. BTW, stupid question here, how many belts are supposed to be visible on the front? It does have an AC compressor.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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