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How many Daihatsu Hijet (S80/S81) Owners?

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by TexAcoon, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've got the Drums all around, that I rebuilt a couple yrs. ago!
    Past post!
    I'm wondering if your unit has had a fair amount of work done to it, and maybe that's what's throwing you off!
    Possibly rebuilt from another vehicle, or several!

  2. TJH

    TJH New Member

    Yeah at some point it was probably owned by a company as it has the propane conversion and also had a maintenance meter in it
    Previous owner stated it was a 94 off one of the axles not sure how that was determined
  3. lauro

    lauro New Member

    Hi Camominijet
    im looking for rear drum brakes for my 1987. attached ... or have you come in touch with anyone that has converted the drum brakes to disk brakes ?

    Daihatsu Hijet Mini Truck M-S83P 90 Brake Drum Right Rear 32676.

    SKU #1396430


  4. shogun

    shogun Well-Known Member

  5. Roy Keizer

    Roy Keizer New Member

    I just got myself aHijet 1985 S80LP and man is it ever hard to find parts or even to figure out anything on these trucks as mine was jury rigged to hell with cut wires missing vacuum lines and so I need a schematic and vacuum diagram. I have found some but most seem to be on later models. Replaced the carb but the only vacuum line I have hooked up is the advance from the distributor, also I beleive the spark plugs are obsolete and are ngk bpr6ek ?or possibly ngk 7131. Can anyone help a brother out here
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2022
  6. MIke Vallaro

    MIke Vallaro New Member

    I'm I'm the same boat. Not sure of the year of my s81lp. Has been owned by two businesses. It's in rough shape and not having much luck finding parts for LHD
  7. Roy Keizer

    Roy Keizer New Member

    Would anyone have a photo of the fuse box fuse locations by chance 1985 s80 LP or close to that? My wiring has been chopped by previous owners and I'm having a hard time figuring whats what and want to put it back some what stock
  8. John Conklin

    John Conklin New Member

  9. John Conklin

    John Conklin New Member

    I have a 1989 S81 moving to SV, Can you register these in SC ?
  10. John Conklin

    John Conklin New Member

    I have a 1989 S81 RH drive in NC. She Fires right up! BUT .... I went to use and brake pedal wentall the to floor ?? no resistance and no brakers ! There is no sign of any fluids around ?
    I am desperate for help with getting brakes fixed ASAP!
  11. John Conklin

    John Conklin New Member

    NICE! thats what I have :) Mine runs fine slight radiator smell after 30 min so maybe waterpump? Big problem is brakes and am I struggling to figure out why my pedal (out of the blue) just goes right to the floor ! and I have lost all brakes ? airlock ? master cylinder Not too mechanical inclined but willing to look and try
    I set this truck up as an amazing little pizza truck suoper fun!!
  12. MIke Vallaro

    MIke Vallaro New Member

    I own a S81lp. 24,901 miles- drove it 5 today. Still has 10 inch wheels. Beat to snot by country club and the cemetery maintenance Co. That owned it. Have 4 high un locked and 4 speeds. I use it around yard and to run to town. Ebay carb working well. Found and modified some inner and outer tie rod ends. Speed limiter gone(went away with old carb) re wired plastic circuit board on cluster to make all gauges and warning lamps work. Found and cut down a v-6 Nissan maxima dip stick. Mine was gone. Needs a right front axle joint and control arm. Ball joint good but I had to straighten control arm. Would like to replace timing belt, hoses, brakes and adjust valves. Pushed up to 45 mph (per GPS, speedo only goes to 25 mph) . I like 30 to 35 better. I'm 6'3" and don't want to become part of vehicle if I crash or hit deer.
  13. MIke Vallaro

    MIke Vallaro New Member

  14. rjsiii

    rjsiii New Member

    I have a S80LP 1992. Previous owner jacked up the vacuum lines. Can someone please upload a picture of what the 2 wheel drive carburetor vacuum lines look like? All I find online are the 4x4 carb pics with 10x the number of vacuum lines.
  15. ionstorm66

    ionstorm66 Member

    Only one extra line comes of the engine for 4wd/difflock, its by the brake booster line. It is still a black line in this image, as it was before I replaced them.

    Top left is distributor, top middle is the valve cover.

    Bottom left goes to the thermo valve for the hot air intake. Bottom right go to a solenoid under the seat, and come back.


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