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How do you get the radio out?

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by Jakester, May 22, 2008.

  1. Jakester

    Jakester Member

    I've tried to get it out of '95 but can't seem to get the combination right without taking the whole dash out. Any tips? I want'ed to put in an AM/FM car radio because the original doesn't work. Thanks
  2. Craktskull

    Craktskull New Member

    95? What type of radio is it? What model of vehicle is it? Do you know if it's stock?

    Heck, don't matter. Should be a plastic shroud around the radio. Usually popped off easily using a screwdriver. Sometimes you have to remove the ashtray (if equipped) to access another screw. After popping off the shroud, you should be able to access any retaining bolts to the radio casing, usually 2 bolts per side. Might be one underneath in the ashtray if it's directly under the radio. Once the bolts are loose, you should be able to slide it out - depending on the length of the antennae wire and power plug.

    That's the basics, but without further information, your application might differ.......
  3. Jakester

    Jakester Member


    Thanks for the reply, Its a 95 ACTY with a stock radio with a single stem. The face plate doesn't want to pop off. Taking off the ashtray only lets you get the whole dash off.
  4. Craktskull

    Craktskull New Member

    Sorry I can't be more help. In the past, I've used a few websites by googling "car stereo removal" and found info on probably a dozen or so makes, but I tried with the Acty and can't find anything. Are there any little slots on either side of the faceplate? Some radio models have release pins that can only be accessed by a 'key' inserted into slots on both sides.
  5. Jakester

    Jakester Member

    I got it out, there are two screws securing the radio bracket that you get to by removing the ashtray and standing on your head. Now I need a radio.
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  6. Richard

    Richard New Member

    let us know what you get -- my 93 came without a radio... I was going to send you a picture of the space so you could see the bracket, but you already got it out...
  7. wapples

    wapples New Member

    Ho did that radio go I know I had a real issue to get mine out since it was old two rotary dial model I had to cut out part of the facia and re-modify ventilation system to fit a new one in It all looks pretty now I should probably update a new picture in my album to reflect how polished its all looking
  8. shogun

    shogun Member

    On my model year the original Honda radio (of course with Pixel faults, but still working) comes out by removing the ashtray and then you see the screws which hold the bracket of the radio.
    OldMachinist installed an aftermarket radio, pics here http://www.minitrucktalk.com/showthread.php?4139-ACTY-Radio-Install
    So if you want to install an aftermarket radio, use the old bracket or bend something to fit. Here is a pic of a Honda Vamos Radio where a bracket is shown
  9. mdngt

    mdngt New Member

    my old 86 acty has the AM radio molded in the dashboard so im not as lucky as you guys haha
  10. Bert Stevens

    Bert Stevens New Member

    I had to pull a/c plume off first, to be able to get screwdriver up into those screws in the back base of radio, just behind (above) ashtray.
    I didn't have to stand on my head , but would have had to find those !! screws. underdashradio1.jpg actyradio.jpg
  11. DWils

    DWils Member

    My 1992 van came with an aftermarket deck in it. The stereo is precariously-placed in the hole, so it makes it easy to remove. It had a weird-looking tape deck in it, but upon closer inspection, it wasn't a tape deck, but rather a MiniDisc player!
  12. shogun

    shogun Member

    had to get my one out again, volume knob plays cracy, knob is shaking and when I hit a bump it goes either cpl. loud or the other way. My one is installed and can be removed exactly as Bert Stevens described it and shows the pics in his post dated Nov 3, 2017. I even did not have to use a screwdriver up into those 2 screws in the back base of radio, just behind (above) ashtray. The screws were not tightened the last time, so if I push the radio from the backside, it comes out w/o any problem.The 2 screws slide into 2 guides on top of the ashtray holder..
    That is in my 1997 HA3, Honda Auto Reverse Stereo Casette Recorder, and the sticker on the radio says Model PH-9698H, 12V - Ground, No. 0219896, Made in the Philippines.
    Trying to get the same one, found only one on Japan Yahoo auction. Scrapyard nearby also does not have same model, only newer ones, they told me that they scrap cars which are built before 2000 completely and do not remove any parts, too old for them to sell., so the cpl. cars go into the press/recycling.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
  13. shogun

    shogun Member

    Today I received the same style radio I got in the Japanese Yahoo auctions, Model PH-9698H, $20 plus shipping in total less than $30. Just installed it, first time I own the truck I can see the display in my new radio, the old one had pixel probs, sound is much better than the old one, and even the cassette recorder works. That gives me more options, there are plenty of Car Cassette Adapters available. Copied:
    Cassette adapters allow you to enjoy music from your contemporary mobile devices from either a vehicle or home stereo system which does not have the ability to play these devices. Older model vehicles and stereo systems usually have cassette decks. The cassette adapter will let you connect your iPods, iPhones, MP3/PMP/CD players and android phones to your car or home stereo in a simple and cost efficient way. Cassette adapters look exactly like a regular cassette tape, but that is where the similarity ends. Inside the car cassette adapter, there are magnetic inductors and gears which work to allow the adapter to pass as a real cassette, while it performs its true function: To play audio from your mobile device. Once inserted, your cars cassette deck thinks that a cassette is in place and will begin to play whatever is on your iPod, CD player or MP3 player and transmit that audio through your cars stereo system.
  14. ben russell

    ben russell New Member

    You really need to crawl under to find the screws. I couldn't see them at first, pulled most of the dash out, and still couldn't see them. They are way up there and you really have to stick your head under to see them.

    Good luck, once you find them, its easy.

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