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Holy adverts, Batman!

Discussion in 'News and Site Support' started by mr.mindless, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    My eyes are scalded. A popup to click through to load a thread?

    This is over the top.
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  2. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    I agree! Pretty ridiculous!
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  3. kmoneil

    kmoneil Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah not sure what thats about, I only have Google Adsense ads, google must be adding the popups
  4. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    Yeah way too many!
  5. Adam C Spry

    Adam C Spry Member Supporting Member

    Hey, Everyone, I just paid $20 via PayPal to be a "Supporting Member". I can tell you that I have only been a member for a couple of months, and I am happy to support the site for only $20 per year and take in all the wisdom of the members here. The Forum doesn't seem to promote this, but it is great! @kmoneil had me upgraded within a few hours of paying, and this morning I am cruising MiniTruckTalk with NO ADS!!!
  6. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    Thanks for Educating us! Who said you "Can't teach an old Dog a new Trick"?

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