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hobbies of minitruck talk members

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by b_eastep, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    A little difficult here.. Japanese are pretty strict with powerplant swaps. The more mods you do, the more expensive it can get.

    Consider a 3S turbo swap?
  2. Kitty

    Kitty Member

    I have, especially with a 6-speed. Oh man that would be amazing.

    But I have two guys in my area doing that swap right now and one already successfully done. :eek:
  3. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    Eventually something exotic will go into my Kei truck.
  4. Kitty

    Kitty Member

    Do you have lots of Masteraces in Japan, how are they like I'm really interested in them.
  5. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    lol kitty has the masterace bug!
  6. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    The MasterAce van? If so... there used to be millions.. but now the Lucida/Emina is taking over. (Previa in the states)

    Still some rolling around, but not too many anymore.
  7. Kitty

    Kitty Member

    I do, I do, it's just too cool.
    Oh I see plenty of Previas over here in Vancouver but not enough Masterace/Highace/ect.

    I really want one, they interest me some how... I blame, Stuff99 haha
  8. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    Well, I have had enough of working on any van. The Delicas in particular are too darn hard to work on.

    Kei is the way to go. :)
  9. Kitty

    Kitty Member

    Are the vans really hard to work on ?
    Working on Keis are awesome, such easy access but aren't Vans essentially the same mid set up ?
  10. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    Keis are usually set up to remove panels easily. Regular vans need the shifter and center console removed... the drivers seat removed.. then the carpeting pulled back.. then a few 8mm bolts taken out to remove the mounting panel.. just to gain access to the spark plug side (right side) of the engine.

    Delicas are the typical "one thing stacked on another" type mentality. Everything seems to overlap the other... so to get to that last timing cover bolt, you need to remove the belt tensioner.. which means you have to remove the mounting bracket.. which means you need to remove the A/C pump.. etc.. etc.. etc..

    Mitsubishi madness!!!
  11. Kitty

    Kitty Member

    Maybe Toyota Vans will be more realistic, hopefully !

    I really like the Toyota Vans and one as a daily driver over the summer sounds like a great idea.
  12. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    I had an old HiAce (the biggest model at the time).

    They had an optional bus model, since it can seat 9 people. I yanked all the seats out, and made it a cargo van. That thing was awesome! used to fill it with cooler boxes, chairs, and fishing rods, and park along a big bridge at night and fish.

    This is the bridge..


    Old 1987 (IIRC) HiAce van looked like this model...


    Now, these were easy to work on. Much more space under the hood... I mean seat... Hoodseat??
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2011
  13. Kitty

    Kitty Member

    That's really cool, I woonder what's it like t fish frooom high. Did you have a hard time reeling the catch in ?
  14. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    Nah.. only small fish. Usually just went to get away from my horrible wife :)

    Had a very large treble hook I could lower down on a rope to snag a big catch if the need ever arose. It never did though. :D
  15. Kitty

    Kitty Member

    Ahhh you make me want to go fishing in a van cruising on the hwy with the AC on. Than lay in the chair-bed relaxing.

    Man I want one now, darn you Vans !
  16. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    Vans are the best!
  17. Kitty

    Kitty Member

    Agreed !

    I really want one, OldDAtsyfan halllp me !
  18. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

    lol ive often wondered what i would be doing if i had gotten a hiace or a subaru sambar van...
  19. Kitty

    Kitty Member

    I think, I'd sleep in the van more than home and go fishing a lot more. :cool:
  20. Don-in-Japan

    Don-in-Japan Member

    Just stick a pole in one of the holes in the wheel, and relax. A/C, TV, feet on the dash, and just chill out until 4am.
  21. anthill

    anthill Member

    You would have figured out the best way to attach mosquito netting to the side windows... sleeping in a Domingo is very comfortable, but without ventilation it gets real muggy.
  22. downhere

    downhere Member

    I enjoy playing guitar! I used to play in bar bands when I was younger but now play at church! I grew up listening to the hair bands of the eighties and early nineties so guitar solo's happen frequently at church. I also enjoy catching air on the quad or getting stuck in the mud. My wife and two boys have their own quads so we are able to do it as a family. I'm a home builder and also own a custom cabinet shop for a living. We do all the interior woodwork in our homes.

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  23. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Just added some more pointy things to my bike... I needed new saddlebag straps and figured stitching or rivets were so boring :p


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  24. Little Digger

    Little Digger Member

    Hobbie ???

    Don't know if ya want to call work a hobby, but it keeps me going every day! Most day's its a lot of fun. O ya then there's the jeep, the other money pit, that's why I have the first hobby !!

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    Last edited: Sep 18, 2011
  25. pasiro

    pasiro New Member

    Now lets see, what hobbies do I have (in no particular order)...

    the wife:D
    the dogs :D:D
    Playing tabletop games (roleplaying and board games)
    Reading Tarot and other divination cards
    Racing Slot cars
  26. copeina

    copeina Member

    I keep & breed animals in boxes.




  27. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Moderator Staff Member

  28. igotit

    igotit New Member

    i do scale 4x4 rc vehicles,build some bodies from scratch.i also love boat building,scale or full size.
    i own 2 old toyota 4x4 trucks,i love playing with them,i use 1 of them as a fishing/hunting vehicle.
    the other 81 yota is a drive train donor for my 93 sas 4x4 conversion project.
    i also enjoy airgun target shooting,100 plus yard shots.

    my scale 4x4 suzuki carry with solid rear axel,indy front,handmade body.

    a shot vid of her running in the mockup stage

    my toyota toys

    82 dlx 4x4 22r 4 speed with 33's super swampers
    my 81 4x4 flatbed donor


    the fishing rig.

  29. boomer mooner

    boomer mooner New Member

    My hobbies are mostly shooting related...recurve bows, sporting clays, 3-gun, hunting, reloading. One hobby I would like to pick up is welding.
  30. wreck

    wreck Member

    I have been buying guns lately.

    I work on a farm as a hobby too.

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