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Hijet Scissor Lift & Dump Mini Truck

Discussion in 'Mini Truck Sales' started by ARMIN WENDT, Apr 15, 2019.


    ARMIN WENDT New Member

    IMG_20190319_114249.jpg small1.jpg small2.jpg small3.jpg

    Excellent condition 2000 Hijet. This vehicle features the extremely rare factory optioned scissor lift and regular dump function. Part of a Co-Op fleet in Japan, this truck was meticulously maintained. Vehicle is clean and straight, extremely rare for any dump vehicle coming from Japan. Ready to licence in British Columbia with motor vehicle inspection passed. 2wd, 156,000 km. $11900 obo!

    Imported this truck to replace my ageing ATV. Looked for many months before finding this mint 2 wheel drive model. Was going to transfer the challenging to find scissor lift / dump box combo onto a 4 wheel drive unit. In my search for a nice chassis, found the truck I wanted at a Ford dealer of all places. Long story short, need to sell this one now!
    OBO on the price! Can deliver
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