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Help needed, Carb to TBI(style) fuel delivery.

Discussion in 'Performance' started by WELDER, Jan 24, 2010.


    WELDER Member

    Ok, so for this turbo build, which all the parts are en route :p, I need to switch from the carb to a kind of fuel injection. Doing an actual conversion to fuel injection would cost more in engine modding and injectors than an engine swap, so, is there any way to use a sort of TBI system?

    Having my charged air and fuel being mixed before the manifold would be simple, ideal, and affordable. My problem lies is the fact that I don't know what kind of TBI unit to use. I've worked on many TBI 350's and 454's, as two of my previous trucks were set up that way, but that might be a bit too much fuel. Does anyone produce a tbi unit for say, a quad, dirtbike or sled? Google hasn't returned much in the way of what I'm looking for.

    Again, any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

  3. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    My dad's old 1986 Olds Calias had a single barrel TBI on it, it could be modified to fit, IIRC the base was fairly small. You could mount it sideways, upside down, whatever. Use MegaSquirt to run it and you're good to go.

    The only thing you need to run is a boost refferencing fuel pressure regulator (blow through). If you are doing suck through then it isn't needed.

    Last edited: Jan 24, 2010
  4. starpuss

    starpuss Member

    if i remeber right they made a GEO METRO 3Cylinder 1.0 L with tbi
  5. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    Might be a touch small though, the beauty part about the GM one is that the injectors out of a 454 TB are the same outer size. You can have all the fuel flow you want for a turbo setup, for dirt cheap.


    WELDER Member

    Great input. I am searching for a good little tbi unit.

    That's a possibility, but again, fuel delivery may be a downfall.

    I couldn't agree more. The tbi from a 454 would provide ample fuel, can most likely be run with megasquirt, will work with my fuel pressure regulator, and is very inexpensive.


    WELDER Member

    Ok, so the guys at Megasquirt are going to work something up for me. I need to find a good TBI unit before they can go much further though. The TBI from a 305/350/454 will not work for me, as it is simply too much messing around with custom adapters. Can anyone find links on where to buy the single barrel TBI unit from the Geo Metro or the Oldsmobile Calais?

    Any helps is appreciated.
  8. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member


    WELDER Member

    Thanks, great tool. I managed to find one in the wrecking yard beside my work :p

    I have yet to see one, but adapting it shouldn't be too much of a burden.
  10. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    No prob.. It beats calling around. Its also good for determining other vehicles that share the same parts.
  11. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    I was just going to say that any of the wreckers on the reserve should have at least one mid '80s N,P or X body to pull one of those off of. The same era FI also used a MAP sensor that hooks up with a simple vacuum line as well. TPS and Idle Air is on the body, just need an O2 and you're off. What I ment before is that the actual injector itself is the same size and style as a 454 injector, only it's rated for about 1/4 the amount of flow. You may run into idle issues with a very short pulse width on an injector that big but you have the 305 and 350 injectors to choose from.

    Once I am back to Kamloops for good (working in PoCo for the time being) we should hook up, I have an AEM wideband that you could use to set her up without any guesswork. By the way, my importer won an auction yesterday for my new Carry, a '93 DD51B with AC and axel/diff lock.
    Should be here in mid-March (just missed the boat by 4 days). I can't wait to start fixing her up.

    If I don't end up swapping in a FireFly motor this will be a definate mod, turbo or not. Nice to have FI for worry free starts with a remote car starter in the winter time.

    Last edited: Jan 27, 2010
  12. WELDER

    WELDER Member

    I will most likely go ahead with the Metro TBI unit and the megasquirt to control it all.

    I need to decide if I am buying a new truck before I drop the coin on the MS.

    I will most likely end up just finishing this off first though.

    Thanks for the help so far everyone. Keep the ideas flowing.
  13. WELDER

    WELDER Member

    Little Dumper, you're on. You can school me on these Kei trucks :)

    Take it easy.
  14. WELDER

    WELDER Member

    Ok then! Went to a wrecker today at lunch and pulled a TBI unit :D

    It is from a 91 Sprint. Single barrel, fairly easy to build an adapter for, everything I was looking for. I'm going to go ahead and order the Mega Squirt II system and go from there. There is no longer any need to buy a million dollar tach, since I will be running a laptop in the truck all the time.
  15. jgendr

    jgendr New Member


    I'm planning on doing the same to my Carry, Let me know your progress and if I come accross any issues I'll let you know. I'm goona order the megasquirt here shortly with a test modual so I came get started with all the parameter programming and test the setup before I actually tear the truck apart. I'll post my config when I get that far if you'd like.
  16. WELDER

    WELDER Member

    I'd like to see how yours turns out! Always nice to have someone else doing the same thing, in case questions arise:p

    What turbo, TBI assy., intercooler, scavenge pump, oil pressure source are you using?

    We'll see who can do it cheaper:pop:

    I'm at $4500 so far..........front wheels/tires and some extra hosing to go.

    The competition's on!

    Give me your account name on msefi.com, I'm sure I'll see you there.
  17. jgendr

    jgendr New Member


    Ok But your way Behind on the power curve.

    Bought Mine for $1000, I'm looking at a 1987 Chevy Sprint Turbo as a donar car, so It's Multi Port EFI, Electronic ignition, and Turbo. LOL That should be fun. I'm also Building a 4 1/2 " lift kit from scratch that lowers all the mounting points to keep the geometry correct. I also bought a set of Arctic cat 8 x25's that bolt right up to the Zuki's lugs for $50. 1 1/2 Wheel Spacers on the way for $117

    I"ve found a lot of good info on some other sites I'f your interested.

    LOL Sounds like Game On Bro!
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2010
  18. draggbody

    draggbody Member

  19. WELDER

    WELDER Member

    Looks like we're going in different directions with out builds. You are building a truck that could go wheeling with my fullsize trucks, while I'm building one that is supposed to go sideways :)

    Good to see how yours turns out though. Those sprint turbo's only put out about 3-5 psi max, you know that right?

  20. jgendr

    jgendr New Member

    Yea I know, and I'm not going to try to do wheelies if at all possible. LOL I just really don't like Carb's any more. I'm doing it #1 because I want to see if I can, and #2 cause I plan on this being my Hunting truck and I'll need the power to go from basically sea Level to over 8000 ft. I need the power for climbing. I also plan on putting an adjustable boost controller so I can push the turbo to atleast 10 psi If need be, but 3 -5 should be plenty to give the zuk a kick in the pants feel.
  21. WELDER

    WELDER Member

    I don't know how far along you are in gathering parts, but as questions arise, feel free to ask me, as I've solved almost every one :)

    In terms of your +5 VREF, signal wire, and ground for your TPS, I've got it figured. I'll do the stepper IAC tomorrow.

    I'm writing it all down, so it is on hand for ya if you want it :)

    What MS are you going for?

    I got the MSII w/ v3.57. I spent the extra coin for direct coil control...build in rev limiter for the corners :D

    Care to post some pics of your truck?
  22. jgendr

    jgendr New Member

    I havent even started the MS yet, I still have to order one. I'm thinking of going with a Microsquirt and a ms2 sequencer. reason being is that it can do Sequencial FI and Coil on plug if I ever go that route. I want to leave all avaliable option for the future. This is gonna be fun. Sprint turbo Donor Car $400.
  23. jgendr

    jgendr New Member

    Ok Status Update:

    I think I just purchased an 87 Chevy Sprint Turbo car as a donor Vehicle. $450 dollars for a complete decent running Multiport EFI turbo, Intercooled car. Yea it's a G10 1liter 3 cylinder but I get a one stop parts shop for my project to begin.

    Thought process:

    Scavange complete induction system, turbo, and all the sensors for the build.

    Custom Fab a new intake to keep the stock carb set up for later.

    custom Fab exhaust manifold for future addition of the turbo.

    Purchase Megasquirt 2 and start building the controller. As soon as i can get started I'll start a new thread with details and pics of the 4" lift, Custom fabs, and complete Megasquirt How to's

    This is gonna be real fun LOL
  24. WELDER

    WELDER Member

    I can't wait for the build thread "jgendr". Good to hear about the progress.

    Get on building up that MS.

    I have my build thread in my sig. if you care to check it out. It's not your style though, no big tires or lifts:p
  25. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    I see ya'll have already started on your Quest. Just for conversation what about a F I system off a Yamaha 600 or something similar ? A lot of bikes are F I these days. I understand cost. But then again I see stuff going pretty cheap though total loss insurance auctions. I could see putting a R1 engine in one, Yips.
  26. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    That would be killer, Terry. :D
  27. WELDER

    WELDER Member

    That sounds like a plan. The only reason I went the "automotive TBI" route, is because you can stuff an 80lb/h injector in the Sprint TBI.
  28. 3banger

    3banger Member

    I'm going to watch this thread very closely.

    I'm looking to get rid of a Minicab carb for something else. Has anyone got a megasquirt going yet?

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