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Hauling Mini truck in pickup bed

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Shep VA, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. toyhog

    toyhog Member

    wow, around here it's just the opposite?:confused:
  2. superdutytrucks

    superdutytrucks New Member

    Yeah I understand the problems they had with the 6.0, believe it or not alot of the problems start because they baby there trucks. Injectors, EGR valves ect, get clogged and carboned up when the people don't beat there trucks. One of Fords top diesel mechanic in the country says to pound the sh!t out of it, once a month hold it to the rev limiter (standard trans.) for 4-5 miles just to clean it out, and I didn't believe him either till I did, better economy, much more power and runs cleaner. The 6.0 is not the average diesel, run it likes its a 2-stroke, it loves the 4000 rpm mark and is designed to run there all day. Emissions is the reason for the 6.4, and you will see a few other diesels before 2020 because the crack down on emissions. I don't have a real problem with cummins I just hate dodge. I know just as many people with dodge problems as you do Ford ones. Ford uses cummins in the F-650 and F-750 so I don't have a problem with them. Anybody that has seen the latest diesel power magazine seen that Ford is in the works with CAT on a diesel for the F-150. The numbers matter tho Ford still sells more diesels than anyone else out there.
  3. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    I have always believed in the "Beat the sh!t out of it" with any veihicle. They just last longer.

  4. WE've had good luck with all the Fords my company owns. We have 2 work trucks that get beat up daily. My dad has an '02 with 350k and runs like a top. An installer for us has an '02 with 450k on it and is hooked to a trailer 95% of the time. Neither one has had major problems. Both my dad and I were thinking about new trucks and we were considering Chevy. We were in Fords due to employee pricing we were able to get which brings it down in cost, plus no haggling! I just happened to find a great deal on this Dually, so I'll drive it for a while and see how things shake down in the new truck market.

    And to the point of beating the crap out of the 6.0 - I have and it doesn't help. I tend to drive them hard - and the 7.3 always stood up.

    The next couple of years will be interesting to see what comes down the pike with emissions requirements, etc. and diesels become more "mainstream" in the daily driver vehicles. When I was in Costa Rica nearly everything was diesel. Our rental 4runner and land cruiser were both diesels and ran great! I loved them!
  5. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Well, since this seems to have turned into the official "diesel truck engine" thread, have you guys seen THIS


    Me? If they were to chop this in half and put it in an AWD wagon the size of a Subaru Legacy (they could call it a Malibu wagon if they want) they would have my attention. :D
  6. scesnick

    scesnick Member

    well, you might not have to wait too long. Honda is coming in 2009 with diesels in the Civic, and a small SUV looking thing that supposedly gets around 45 MPG.
  7. IndianaJason

    IndianaJason Member

    .....I'm really a chevy guy I guess, and never had a diesel anything...but the best truck I have ever had was a 1980 Dodge Power Wagon with a 360....All the chevys I had were good trucks, but that one was the best....Now Ive got another Dodge, 1998 with a V10...gets same or better gas mileage than one with a 360 in the year range...... I get 15mpg - 488 V10 with 3.73 gears.... It has alot of power... It is unreal off-road.....Oh by the way I have never owned a Ford truck....Why would I do such a thing to myself..?? ;)

    I bet you if I put my mini truck in the bed of my truck and maybe a case of beer for weight....and I could get traction, I could pull the earth in half with that Dodge....oh yeah, guarantee it.....:D
  8. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Well the cool thing about that engine is that it has no exhaust or intake manifolds in a conventional sense. You'd have to check out the article for details but it sounds pretty cool. I had a diesel Rabbit that I drove the heck out of for 10 years. And, of course, my little John Deere is a whopping 20hp 3 cylinders of mini-diesel goodness.
  9. ddimports

    ddimports Member


    i hauled these 90 miles home
    mazda titan caring toyota hiace caring a 1984 carry fire truck with only 3500km

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    Last edited: Jan 24, 2008
  10. toyhog

    toyhog Member

    WOW!! don't know where to start. That's got to be a cool fire truck. ;)
    I want all three vehicles to add to my toy collection.:p
    No DOT problems I guess? Must not have traveled through Kansas. Ha, Ha!!:D
  11. Mitsubishi A/C problems

    I have had a few Mitsubishi's that the a/c light does not come on when pushing in the a/c button and all a/c components appear to be intact and connected . Any ideas what might be up with this?
  12. superdutytrucks

    superdutytrucks New Member

    I'd like to see a dodge V-10 against a Ford Triton V-10 once, I'd pay to see it
  13. IndianaJason

    IndianaJason Member

    How much???
    Lets get a chain and hook em up......;)
  14. superdutytrucks

    superdutytrucks New Member

    Haha, i'll have to talk to my Dad to get his Triton to show a mopar up.
  15. IndianaJason

    IndianaJason Member

  16. jliltd

    jliltd Member

    Hear the Tundra rumors too. I haven't experienced it with heavy farm use but the tailgate is definitely not as strong as other domestic pickups (or imports like the Dodge Ram).

    I decided to install a Diamondback HD truck bed cover and can park a mini truck on top (cover holds 1,600 lbs - that's two ATVs or one mini). I have the 8' bed.

  17. jliltd

    jliltd Member

    Mine too. I actually have two 2005 6.0 Powerstroke F250 4x4's. Should have never "upgraded" from the 7.3. Still have a 7.3 Excursion, though. Here's one of my 6.0 Powerstrokes at 25K miles:


    I had to leave the truck with a dealer 400 miles from home for two weeks for a warranty repair.

    As you can see the 6.0 diesel Ford provides plenty of adventure and allows the traveler to visit with friendly locals wherever they go (mostly mechanics).

    Here's shot of another warranty trip three months later to the local Ford dealer. I decided to haul it to town with something reliable, much to the chagrin of my Ford service rep:


    It's gotta be 7.3 or no Ford. I love the Cummins but am not Philistine enough to buy a Dodge. I had a Duramax Chevy for a few months and like it fine. Until a foreman totaled it and I got the Tundra and I gave him one of the Powerstrokes.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2008
  18. JRinTX

    JRinTX Moderator


    The pictures are always great...and very interesting. You must carry a camera around with you. I always wish that I had a camera around but never seem to remember one or I can't keep up with one! Must be CRS (Can't Remember Sh**) :D

    I use my camera phone occasionally....but that is almost as bad as no picture at all! :rolleyes:
  19. kojock

    kojock New Member

    I drive one of the ultimate truck/engine/transmission combos. A stock 2000 F250 with the dependable 7.3 Powerstroke, great Ford truck built around it and the stock 6 speed manual transmission and 3.73 gears that the word bullet proof do not even begin to describe! Plenty of power and gets great mileage. Can burn Veggie oil when I have it due to the fuel rail design, which is really cool. My buddy with the modern Cummins is afraid to try that. He also gets a weird exhaust smell in his cab that is a result of all the emissions stuff they have put on the new trucks. Dealer says that is normal. Sounds like a design flaw to me. The only problem with my setup is driving with that heavy clutch in city traffic has caused the quads in my left leg to over develop a little bit. Not all bad, though. Some chicks did that uneven look and if I concentrate real hard, I can manage to keep from pulling to the left too much and only walk in very large circles. Haven't walked into a wall in a long time :)
  20. miniMOG

    miniMOG Member

    I have had a miniMOG in the back of my Dodge Cummins many times- no problem. Helps to have a loading dock/ramp of some kind. I couldnt find a pic, though. I can put one in the back, and 3 on a 18' trailer. Here is a pic of how I deliver my "3 4x4s for 10K" deal.


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