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HA4 '92 Acty Town running lean, stalling when warm?

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by Lunar.Effect, Nov 15, 2023.

  1. Lunar.Effect

    Lunar.Effect New Member

    Howdy from South Carolina!
    I've recently taken delivery of my '92 Acty Town (61,oookms) and have an issue with that I'm looking for confirmation or clarification on.
    Upon delivery, it idled high when cold (3300rpm) and settled down to a low idle (700-800rpm) when warmed up. After a day of driving to and from the grocery store to get acclimated, it stalled once on the way home. No biggie - it started right back up. The next day, immediately when it reached operating temperature, it stalled completely and wouldn't start back up on its own. Applying a little throttle input allowed it to sputter back to life, but without that input will stall out.
    I located and attempted to adjust both fuel and idle screws - only the idle screw on top will have any reaction while the fuel mixture screw appears to do nothing. I can fiddle with the idle screw enough to keep at a very rough and shaky 1100rpm idle, leading me to believe it's running fairly lean. No smoke from the exhaust at all indicating a rich or any other fluid intrusion from coolant or oil.
    After quite some research, I've found out and ordered/received both solenoids as well as well as a fuel filter and a carb seal kit. I'm looking at removing the carb and cleaning/re-sealing it as well as replacing both solenoids and replacing the fuel filter this weekend.
    Am I on the right track, or is there something I'm missing?
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  3. Bert Stevens

    Bert Stevens Active Member

    it sounds like you know how to do this, just a reminder . . when you fully seat (close) the mixure adjustment the engine should stall. if it does not, there are other problems. when I do an adjustment I lower the idle til it is just above, just runing, low as I can go. then set the mix, closing till idle just drops then opening 1/4 turn, then setting rpm. then do the mix again.
  4. Lunar.Effect

    Lunar.Effect New Member

    Truth be told, I haven't messed with a carburetor since I owned a carb'd bike over a decade ago! I know EFI like the back of my hand, but it's been long enough to which I'm watching both RHD_RON's and Maverick Drummond's youtube vids enough times to see it in my sleep.
  5. Lunar.Effect

    Lunar.Effect New Member

    Update - carb rebuild did a whole lot to help the running condition, but the stalling symptom still remains. Something I did notice is that the sub-cooling fan isn't coming on that I can notice. Fuel pump comes on and primes properly, flow seems good, everything seems in order for the choke and all other fueling related pieces. If the sub-cooling fan doesn't come on, would it ultimately lead to a vapor lock issue after the truck is on and not moving for a period of time, say a long red light sit?

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