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FOUND WTB: Subaru Sambar KS-KV Scissor Jack

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Wire Fox, Nov 29, 2023.

  1. Wire Fox

    Wire Fox Member

    My Sambar didn't come with one and I don't necessarily need a pristine new one. Part number is 97031TA000.

    If anybody also happens to know of any jacks that are cross-compatible with that design and will secure to the stowage place behind the driver's seat in the KS4, I'd appreciate that info. A junkyard jack could be very cheap and easy to source locally, but I just need to know what will lock in...
  2. t_g_farrell

    t_g_farrell Active Member

    Looks like a pretty standard small JDM scissor jack. I would go to a you pull it place and get one off of almost any small japanese import from the 80/90s.
  3. Wire Fox

    Wire Fox Member

    See, that was my first thought, but I can't quite tell how this jack is supposed to lock in behind the seat. One thing that the Sambar jack has that I don't see on most others is a welded-on tab that I think might somehow hook onto the tab that's behind the seat. In pretty much every car that's not this, you just expand a scissor jack until it wedges into it's storage cavity, but I'm not so sure it does that here. I can't find any photos or videos that show one installed.

    I attached one from an auction listing, which I'd like to buy if it weren't so much darned money to ship it.
  4. Wire Fox

    Wire Fox Member

    I didn't find the original jack, but I did go shopping in my local salvage yard and they had one on their shelf of jacks that has exactly the right footprint, about the right top plate, and has two holes on the side where I should be able to attach a self-fabricated locking tab without cutting or welding on the jack. For $8, that's good enough.
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