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First Car..Er- Truck!

Discussion in 'Performance' started by lucasj154, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. lucasj154

    lucasj154 Member

    Hey Guys! First post ever concerning minis- im looking for a first car for when i get my liscence, and being very practical i love how these little trucks can haul, get good killometerage (yes its a word now) and are fun to drive!

    Though im still stuck on make/model to get :sly: because i would like somthing that can do everything- off road and snow plow are two majors, they just have to be there, and its going to be a daily driver as well, around town, but im not sure if the rear engine and like 1 inch or two of xtra room is worth it for lack of locks or 4x4?

    Ok, ill be back after i see some wise words- meaning please advise and ill blab more after gaining some knowledge..

    Here are some local craigslist choices though: PS its under Canada, B.C vancouver if you need pictures or more detailed text- but you might end up being advertized into a second truck :p

    -93 minicab truck 4x4 5spd a.c 660cc pulse wipers 22000 k (mitsubishi i think)
    -90 carry truck with 80000k for sale
    -91 JDM Subaru Sambar Kei truck
    -90 SUBARU SAMBAR,5Sp,4X4,31000Km's. 12inch new tire, DOT Headlight compliance, 5000.00 OBO
    (wow these are inexpesive- Not cheapy but cost effective like :p)
    -Honda Kei truck LOW KMS/ GREAT SHAPE!!!! - $5700
    -1992 Daihatsu HiJet four wheel drive 4x4
    -1992 Honda Acty Truck - 1,091 kms - $8300
    -promising?(1991 Suzuki Carry Mini Pick-Up Truck. Only 51,000kms! Up to 50MPG.-(hmm not too sure bout that part!) Inspected, Registered and Fully street legal, 4X4/2X4, manual, 5 speed with "extra low" gear, 3 cylinder, 660cc engine, new tires, all sides of the 6x4ft cargo bed fold down into a flatbed. Capable of Highway speeds!

    I am lost :eek: i just cant decide on options, like A/C i would definetly want, radio i can deal with but as far as performance its too complex for me to choose one with features others might not have! Right now, cost is out so its all about being able to do everything well, cant get over the fact that one can drive better in city and one can be an off roader, also im leaning toward a newer year, and most likely manual, 5 or 4 speed make difeerence? Ive got almost all models to choose from, bu not years- canada has the older imports. And i have yet to find a dealer, although i believe there is a local 1.

    Okay.. im done :frustration: now for the :confused:!
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  2. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    Welcome Lucas from Oklahoma. You might want to fill out the profile where others can see where you are at and help finding a truck and in general know a little more about you. I would try for a newer model if at all possible. Depending on what part of the country you are in or what country would decide about the AC. Personaly I would get it. The cabs have a way of heating up even on the cool days. If I had to do it over again I would get a Subaru. I have a 92 Honda. I like the rear engine for the weight. If you get a nice radio you will have to replace the speakers with an upgrade pair for the quailty of sound. Good luck
  3. lucasj154

    lucasj154 Member

    Okay, what would you say about the subaru that is better than yours though- i thought both had rear engines but im not really sure..... oh and im in Canada, B.C so A/C is probably a good idea... but what are some main features if your truck is in the 91-93 range, please respond.
  4. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    With the Subaru it has a 2wd-4wd button on the top of the stick shift. That is a plus. I think the cab is a hair bigger. Some of the Subaru have 4 cyl. instead of 3.
  5. cabinmini

    cabinmini Member


    Hi lucasj154
    Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you have done some research but do use the search feature above and you will find that similar questions are asked many, many times. The following is an excellent answer but there are others too.
    A dealer is a good place to start with your education because really they are the only ones that regularly see all the brands and their pros/cons so they can help steer you to what will suit you for most of your needs.
    Good luck in your search
  6. lucasj154

    lucasj154 Member

    ok, thanks for that link (already looked at that though) lol yes you could say"research" but i dont think you know how i am with buying things like this-i never can decide quickly when it comes to multiple products with some different features :frustration: !
    Anyways, i like the bigger cab, 2wd 4wd subaru, but i would need either axel or diff lock, or both :confused: but have there been any cases where there is a 91-93 sambar with 4 and 2 wheel drive modes, and locking things plus A/C?

    If i remember in my religious devotion to the again "research" i thought that the sambar had no models with locks? But if so then i might consider it, but i wish there was one with locks and it was also a good on road ride...:sly:

    Also- there is somone advertising importing from japan, but im prob better off local- other than craigslist however i dont know where to find a proper dealer?
  7. larryb

    larryb New Member

    hi lucas.i have a 96 sabar with diff lock and air.you don't even need it with the 4 cyl it's got to much power any way.
  8. lucasj154

    lucasj154 Member


    ok, thanks for the confirmaion but i think the newest it can be is 1994- 15 years older? In order for street use or somthing in canada? And what did you mean by air- sorry im a newbie :p But ya- do less than that year have them.?:confused:
  9. cabinmini

    cabinmini Member

    Hi lucasj154
    Sorry but I am not familiar with the dealers that are available in the lower mainland area. FYI the Subarus do come with rear diff lock as well. I see that West Shore Auto is listed as a sponsor and they are over on the island. You could also try to PM "Timetripper". He has a Subaru and he is on the island somewhere. There isn't much that he doesn't know about these trucks! I am sure that he could fill you in on some of your closest dealers too. I also see someone from Mission with a couple for sale on Kijiji.
    Good Luck
  10. ukmicro

    ukmicro Member

    My 94 has A/C:)
  11. larryb

    larryb New Member

    my 96 sabar is a sc and they do make older ones i think that timetripper had one for sale not to long ago.before i was saying that i didn't need the diff lock with the truck because it had the power with out it put it was it too and the ac works real good and they ride really nice too.
  12. lucasj154

    lucasj154 Member


    looks like i will get the samby then, as it will be a driver plus it has plowing and off road, dont get my liscence for a few more months though- ill keep looking for one that seems to fit the criteria!

    BTW- how do you think this thing will hold up against an automatic chevy truck, its fairy old, my friends dad gave it to him when he upgeaded to a silverado, but i know hes gonna chuckle if i pull up in this thing :p I just want to show him up with this thing other than its versitility and off roading- i dont know if bigger trucks can go some of the places i see in my mind!

    Also its a die-sel im pretty sure its a 1500? -so when im driving around with him- still both L's btw, it has really slow acceleration, im just curious if these lttle things coud atually beat a larger truck- because oh my that would be great :D I know hed say "lets go to the raceway" or somthing epic like that and id love to be able to whoop his clunker :)
    Another impotant question too- dont the wheel wells of a large truck prevent full bed usage anyways?? I mean it looks about the same size as a minis bed?!? Am i theonly one to think this- i mean sure for plywood it will mean more but an atv? They get in the way?!?
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2009
  13. lucasj154

    lucasj154 Member

    Oh also- is the Supercharged good? It takes more fuel i would assume but is it worth it, anyone with SC sambar think so? Opinion on that please....:confused:
    And the auto/ manual and rhd are debatable as well- i think manual is nice when you need it, but automatic for cruising- hmm think ill make a system to shift up based on tach readings when enabled and down obviously :p also im not partial on the rhd- from what ive heard they do a bad job of it and it takes the sparkle away.

    Lol- i would say that im able to call my pedal a "Gas" pedal instead of accelerator but they actually controll the airflow so.... its an "air pedal" HAH, unless EFI then im good
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2009
  14. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    If you get a Subaru mini you have to realize one thing . It is not a race car and no it will not out do your friends big truck. Also you will not go broke trying to keep gas in it. Let me give you the best advice you will ever get on any vehicle you ever get. If you baby your car or truck you will have it for a long time. If you drive the hell out of it...... It is going to fall apart very quickly. Your friend truck is going to get about 17 mpg maybe your is going to get 37 mpg if you keep your foot off the floor. Good luck
  15. lucasj154

    lucasj154 Member

    You sure its not a race car- i mean i know they dont got 300+ but they zip around pretty fast from what i hear...? If theyve got anywhere near the starting speed i believe they have (from videos) they will outrun the clunky thing- its pretty slow getting off the line, but thats not why i want it anyways- the cool factor and practicality (mpg) is what attracted me, plus tires are cheaper- so its affordable to have a couple sets for "various" thing like burnouts and off road/ on road.

    All i can say- cant wait to get one!

    And anyone know about the wheel well thing- agree/disagree tha the mini has equal space due to wheel wells in norm truck??
  16. confuzed

    confuzed Member

    Hey I'm 6'1" and found the Sambar to be the roomiest and as for 50 MPG :eek: in town i get about 35 MPG but I'm in a real small town no traffic lights lots of stop signs lol holding it to 95 K on the fourlane i get about 30 MPG and if you want more power the Subaru is available with supercharging.Look at the top of the page see the "CLICK TO VIEW ALL OUR SPONSORS" I believe there are several in the lower mainland. I'm in Alberta 91 Subaru 4x4 stock tire (12") all seasons no diff lock no s/c and have never been stuck in the snow. The Subaru also comes with an extra low gear as well as the 5 speed and it is a 4 cylinder over a 3 as most of the others have. These are just my opions though go out test drive have fun and decide what fits you best. And i do not regester MPG I do SPM ( smiles per mile)
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2009
  17. RuzzP

    RuzzP New Member

    What is your definition of fairly old? You say the truck has slow acceleration, does it have a turbo? If not its likley a 6.2 liter deisel. Very reliable engine(quite gutless though), and i actually know of 3 different trucks with 6.2deisels in the area that get 35-40 mpg, just fom larger exhaust(and they sound MEAN with dual 3 inch). The rest of the truck is still a chevy tho, and probably rusted, although keis are far from rust proof too. But like Windmill said drive it nice and it will last(If it was taken care of), and you wont be breaking speed records anyways(same goes for a kei). If it is a 6.5 liter, turbo or non id say away from it. 6.5s are nothing but money pits, although they do put out more power than the 6.2(while they last). To answer you question about speed, i did beat a 6.2 deisel up to 80k with my 1990acty, lol. Honestly i think a 80s 6.2 chevy half ton would have the same power to weight ratio as a kei truck. I really dont know what i would do if i were you, it is nice to have a first vehicle that u can at least pass people with:). But if ur leaning towards a subaru, get a supercharged one, i hear they do mean 4x4 cyclones on pavement:D. Anyways that should give u some more basic knowledge of the chevy diesels and help you narrow it down, i need to go to bed.

    Good Luck


    ps. if the chevy IS a halfton 2wd, it will be quite front heavy and i would bet a kei truck would go through(or just float over:cool:) alot more unless you have some mean tires on the back and a couple thousand pounds in the box)

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