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FG Procurement, LLC

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by AngusII, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. AngusII

    AngusII New Member

    Well, they are still in business.....
    I just received an email from them today, from an inquiry three days ago..... I almost bought my parts somewhere else... I couldn't leave in phone message and emails were returned as undelivered???? As, others have posted.
    They should clear their phones mail box so you can leave a message or figure out why emails are returned as undelivered. They almost lost my business....
    But, thankfully today they made contact. And, I did order some parts.
    I just thought I would let others know.... They are out there..
  2. Ran440

    Ran440 Member

    I have done business with them several times over the last few years and thought that was weird when they didn't return an email a few weeks ago
    with a parts request. I ended up getting my front diff cross member from G&R Imports who was very helpful and had the best price.
    Glad to hear FG is still in business.
  3. AngusII

    AngusII New Member

    Well, the parts are in the mail. Shipped out one day after ordering... Should be here Tues. or Wens. of this week..
    And, they also do have good prices. Their fuel pump was $20 less than any of the others, for the same pump... A lot less than the high quote of $285.90, avg. of $150 and the next lowest of $90(G&R Imports)+ $25 shipping.
    So, it does pay to shop around... For these little money pits..

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