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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Limestone, Nov 26, 2020.

  1. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    This is for all of us! Not just the new posters! If we all help, then we can make the FORUM Better!
  2. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    Thanks Buddy that needs to be repeated from time to time.
  3. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    A lot of really good Knowledgeable people started this Forum, so let's do what we can to improve upon it! A few of us, like you, and Jig's, to name a few, have truly been good at reminding others, to add their Signature! Thanks to one of our Moderators, Kevin, in helping, and instrumenting this also! We can all remind each other! Even some of the newer guy's can! Team Work, Makes the Dream Work, I'm told!
  4. SDK1968

    SDK1968 Active Member

    sorry, been gone a while... fill me in...

    why we doing this?
  5. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    This is so that when a member asks for help the members reading their post can see what type of rig they have and give a better answer. It's surprising how many times someone will post a question and not give the details of what they are working on. These little trucks and vans have a lot in common but a lot of minor differences that matter. It's sometimes easy to get involved in something and just assume that everyone knows what we're thinking about when they have no clue. I'm probably as bad as anyone about doing this.
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  6. SDK1968

    SDK1968 Active Member

    ok copy that.... & see that you have your current & past truck listed...... will do the same.

    it appears that some of the display stuff has changed since the swap over & i just never noticed it.
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  7. kmoneil

    kmoneil Administrator Staff Member

    When posting a new thread /post, make sure you're clear about what you're asking or telling.


    Not very helpful titles:
      • Need help
      • doesn't work, need assistance
      • need part number
      • truck doesn't work
    Helpful titles:
    • My 660cc K6A EFI motor is smoking, what can I do?
    • Need part number for 94 Suzuki Carry air intake
    • 1989 HIJET has bad oil leak etc....
    Be specific about what the thread topic is. It will help in searching, cutting down on duplication and organization. I've been trying to move threads to appropriate locations, but it can be difficult if you have to read the entire thread to figure out what the topic is.
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  8. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    And, please don’t jump topics, and vehicles within threads. It makes it really hard to search them for information.

    If you’re reading a thread, and find it applies to your truck of the same make and model, jump on in. But jumping into a Suzuki Carry thread on misfiring, and starting to ask about the clutch on your Hijet, isn’t a good thing to do.

    And, please don’t jump onto a thread that has been dead for more than a year. We have a diverse, membership, but folks wander in and out. If you are responding to a posting in is getting stale, click on teh users names, and open their profile. It will tell you when they were last on, and what the last thread they looked at or posted in was.

    If you don’t want to start a whole new thread. Think for a minute first. Markets and availability of parts is constantly evolving, and you may be better off asking questions in a new thread.
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  9. SDK1968

    SDK1968 Active Member

    OK... got it done....
  10. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    Welcome back, good to see your still around! Yeah it really does save us all some time, without looking around, wasting our time also! Thanks!

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