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EPA cold hard facts

Discussion in 'EPA Regulations' started by MT-Importer, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. MT-Importer

    MT-Importer New Member

    I got the letter yesterday from EPA, and these are the cold hard facts as I see them,

    1) I think there are about 4 testing labs for cars that the EPA will accept, you must send one truck of each family, ie 1997-2003 Carry, each family will have the same engine and emissions control (cat converter) system, the testing for each family will be $80,000 to $100,000 for each family
    there is no guarantee that the family will meet 2008 emissions standards, however if they do meet then;

    2) then once the family is accepted then you will have to test each truck in Japan to see if thei exact truck will meet the standard, if it does then a sticker is affixed stating this and then;

    3) who ever imports it is on the hook for many years ( It use to be 12 years but I will have to check this and see if it has been changed) to warrantee the emissions control system. If it breaks than the importer must replace it at his cost. Very costly if the vehicle is 2000 miles from your shop.

    4) I had 3 containers of trucks ready to be shipped from Japan, I decided not to ship them since the EPA would not give me any written assurance that if they made it into Customs by Dec.8th that they would be grand fathered, I will wait and see if I was right since I know of several shipments from Japan that will arrive after the Dec 8th cut off.

    A $32,500 a day fine is a little much for me.

    A guess is that there are about 25 truck families, any of you going to put up the $2 to $3 million for testing??????

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