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Dump Capacity

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Little Dumper, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    What's the biggest load that anyone has been able to lift with their single cylinder dump box (the lower cap. dumper). After my purchase I am a little worried that it wont be able to dump 1000 lbs worth of gravel.:confused:

    If I need to reduce the weight and then shovel some towards the back to get her to lift then I guess that's what I'll have to do. I wanted the 3 gate box instead of the HD dump with the smooth bottom and the top pivoting gate at the back. They seem to be a bit more usefull.

  2. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    Mini Truck Dump Capacity

    A thousand pounds should be no problem for any dump including the after market with electric actuator. I have dumped 2500+ lbs with a HD dump. (heaped crushed asphalt) That is the one with the scissor lift mechanism.

    If you truck is only a single cylinder without scissor then i would say 1500# is no problem. perhaps even more.
  3. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    Yeah, we have had customers dump 2K+ with a standard model. No problems. May get some deformation of the bed.

    Street legal rating = 770lbs.
    Saskatchewan Farmer Rating = 2500lbs. Ha.
  4. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Member

    1800# of Oak firewood!

  5. confuzed

    confuzed Member

    using the Towns dump single cylinder I had snow slush and ice piled in it to half way up the rear window dumped just as fast and easy as when it was empty
  6. woodhe1

    woodhe1 Member

    Oak firewood & large bale

    1800# firewood
    1650# hay bale

    Attached Files:

  7. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    Holy cow, what eats a hay bale that big ?
  8. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    Holy snikees, that's really tough, thanks guys, that really puts my mind at ease.


  9. IndianaJason

    IndianaJason Member

    My Suzuki has the "rock bed" that dumps. Single cylinder . The sides of the bed do Not fold down, tail gate is hinged top and bottom. I have been told its a heavier duty version dump bed, not sure if it means the cylinder/pump too or not.

    Anyways, I have consistyently been able to put as much firewood on the truck as it will hold without spilling out. Typically a "rick" of wood will weigh 3/4 of a ton. I am sure some of the loads with dead elm and red oak weigh 2,000 pounds.
    (I also run Nanco Lug tires, as an ATV type tire would pop)

    It dumps with no problem or hesistation.

    My guess is the dump bed will dump more than the truck can haul.

    Dumping gravel would be even easier, as it doesnt get hung up like firewood does sometimes.
  10. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    Well, today I put her to the test. I tried to dump 2000lbs (leveled flat) of 3/4 clear crush and she wouldn't do it. I shovelled about 300lbs on to the ground and moved about another 300lbs towards the back and she lifted it no problem. So with all things being equal (the box is lined with about 50lbs of plywood) you should be able to lift about 1600lbs of gravel without having to move material around.

    As far as driving, the trip was about 8kms on pavement all the way with a 13% grade climb near the end and she had no problem at all hauling that kind of load. I have 165/80r13 tires with dia. of 23.4". The 13% grade was in 3rd gear at WOT at 50km/h and she pulled that for 1 full km. Ran at 80km/h with plenty of pedal to go on the flat.

    And in case you were wondering, yes the suspension was completely taken out of the picture, the stoppers were on the frame and the only cusioning was provided by the tires. With a rating of 1067 lbs at 35psi the tires were also maxed right out. I still can't believe that the engine pulled that up the hill at 50km/h in 3rd gear.

    I really love these trucks........

  11. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member

    Heavy duty or Standard duty Mini Dump Truck

    Is your dump a straight cylinder or does it also have a scissor type mechanism under the bed with the cylinder? the Scissor makes it a Heavy duty dumper. Also the bed would be flat steel and not rubbed like a regular pickup truck bed if it is a HD dump.
  12. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    I got the lite-duty dumper with the single cyl. and the fold-down sides. I thought that 2000lbs was going to be a stretch but I though I would give it a try anyway. I may convert it to a scissor type someday when I have the time, for now though it works pretty well.

    To dump the gravel I needed to haul it into my back yard, up a 45deg incline and squeeze between a tree and an irrigation control box. After that it was a squeeze between another irrigation box and a natural gas meter. They make BobCats small enough to do that but never with one trip and would tear up the grass making the tight turns.

    This truck was money well spent.

  13. Mr. Obvious

    Mr. Obvious Guest

    It seems like at some point the front end would lift up withsuch a heavy load.
  14. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    Actually most of the weight was biased towards the front, me thinks I'm going to need some 275# springs in the front if I want to do this more often. The struts were bottomed right out. Still had full turning radius with the 23.4" tires, no rubbing.

    This was the big test, I don't think I am going to haul more than a half yard (1500#s) in her any more. Top soil though I think I can get away with 3/4 of a yard.

    We shall see, I am only about 20% into my landscaping project. Still have about 3 yards of decorative rock to haul and about 4 yards of topsoil.

  15. Little Dumper

    Little Dumper Member

    Another quick update:

    I am finally finished all the heavy hauling for my landscaping, 2.5 yards of 3/4 clear crush and 4 yards (I already had 6 yards in a pile that I hauled last year and dumped by hand.....yeesh) of topsoil. 4 loads of turf at 2000 lbs a piece and 3 loads of Allen Block at 1600 lbs a piece.

    Most of this stuff had to be hauled up a 45 deg. incline that was 10 feet long, 4 LO is a beautifull thing, powered up that like it was nothin' even with 2000 lbs in the box. This was on my neibours lawn too, didn't leave a mark.

    I can't wait to put a plow on this little guy for the winter.


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