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Does anyone sell carb kits for the S110p hijets?

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Matt123, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Matt123

    Matt123 New Member

    Pulled carb, surprisingly clean but accelerator pump is stuck (I cant get it apart) and the slide was broken into many pieces.

    I have a parts truck but the carb was sitting out in the weather for years, guessing its gonna be pretty nasty inside, at least the slide should be good still.

    Anyways it seems like everywhere has carb kits for the older years but cant find anything for the s110p's (accept complete carbs that are expensive)

    I have found IMPEX Japan can get each OEM part separately but would be very expensive so was hoping someone would know of other options. For sure need accelerator pump (maybe same as older hijets?) could possibly reuse everything else.
  2. shogun

    shogun Active Member

    Yokohama Motors has only cpl. reman ones for abt. $400 http://yokohamamotors.net/product196.html
    call here to compare prices http://stores.mactownenterprises.co...actory-rebuilt-carburetor-s100p-s110p-series/
    or contact these companies for a used one https://autoparts.beforward.jp/detail/Engine---Components/Carburetors/PA01364534/ https://parts.japanesevehicles.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=1509525
    they have repair kits for Daihatsu Hijet Carb (Carburetor) Repair Kit S80 S81P S82P S83P http://stores.ebay.com/minitruckdotca/Daihatsu-Hijet-/_i.html?_fsub=7178093012&rt=nc&_ipg=192 maybe ask them too if they have something for your type
  3. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    I ended up having to buy a rebuilt one from Yokohama. No one had a rebuild kit.

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