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DIY: How to import your own KEI truck into the U.S. that can be registered anywhere.

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by renli3d, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. nerry

    nerry New Member

    Location: 20 Banlat Road Tandang Sora Q.c
    Mobile: 09258652598
    Tell: 455-1621
    for more details look for mr.ryan amores.
  2. MiniMama

    MiniMama New Member

    WOW. What a trove of information. Regarding info surrounding auto transport and the such I'd recommend using a website like this link. I used them for my business (needed a mini truck forthe ice cream deliveries we made to our other stores) and it was "easy". Quotes as it did cost a bit, but then again shipping it from Japan to Rhode Island is just a few miles.
  3. renli3d

    renli3d Member

    Thanks for the great resource. It looks like that company is an importer/exporter as well so they would understand how to transport the vehicle inbond from the port to a bonded facility nearest to your pickup location.
  4. jat240

    jat240 New Member

    I just bought a 1991 Suzuki carry in Japan and am in the process of importing it. With the 25 year rule isn't it exactly the same as importing a Nissan Skyline? As in it doesn't matter if it was designed for American roads it's still federally legal? Does the fact that it's a kei truck restrict it despite the fact it was imported as a road vehicle and not farm equipment? In my mind it should follow a different set of rules since I could have just as easily imported a kei car or a kei van and they have the same engines, and nobody would question those. It'll have regular car registration, regular car tags, regular car insurance, so it's a regular car right?
  5. renli3d

    renli3d Member

    Hi in most places you are correct, the KEI vehicle is the same as any other vehicle as far as the DOL is concerned and the import process is the same whether it's a KEI vehicle or skyline. However, in Vermont, this is not the case. I've had a person do a legal import into VT run into issues registering it. He's still trying to resolve it.
  6. Windsblow

    Windsblow New Member

    I know this is an old thread but I have a question. I understand most laws but we're do I find a newer model speed restricted kei without going through those importers with the EPA certs. There seems to be a bit of a markup that route.
  7. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    You have to have the truck speed limited in Japan I believe or you can have it shipped to a registered importer for the modification. Either way that's $$$. And then you need to either pay the licensing to use those companies EPA certs or have your truck certified... It's just easier to let the guys do it, that know how to do it and buy from one of the known importers if that's the type of truck you want
  8. al.bundy

    al.bundy New Member

    If someone could help with cb7501..entry #32a is cost of vehicle,32b charges? Can I just put freight and insurance in 32b without any invoice..I have commercial invoice for cost of vehicle but not for freight and insurance..want to know if cbp officer will require a invoice for 32b? Thanks for any info..
  9. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    Not sure. I gladly pay a broker $250 for their services. But looking at mine, it appears that it is invoice cost there. They really don't care shipping or insurance, they care that it is in the port and they get 25% of what you paid..
  10. al.bundy

    al.bundy New Member

    Thank you Matt 167, appreciate the info..
  11. deshet

    deshet Member

    I am trying to figure out what box they check on the epa form for off road use only? I have no interest in driving this on public roads or getting plates.

    I see newer trucks for sale. I have a 2001 dump truck coming from Japan and don't have it all figured out yet. I see folks selling new trucks in the USA. I have a plate to prevent it from shifting into high gear or going over 25 mph.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  12. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    The problem is that it is an illegal truck, so you have to jump through ALL of the hoops you possibly can. I'm not 100% sure on everything but know the EPA process is a mess and customs will flag it.. You will need to complete EPA testing or find someone who has an EPA certification and buy use of it. They have been tested and pass ATV/ UTV tests easilly. But the EPA and the FMVSS are the ones you will need to please... Yes it can be made legal though

    My best advice is to call customs at the port your using and ask the questions there

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