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DB51T Carburetor question.

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Soldtheatv, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Soldtheatv

    Soldtheatv New Member

    I drove up up to the store the other day and realized I forgot my wallet and without shutting of my 91 DB51T I returned home (about a one mile trip) shut off the truck and grabbed my wallet and zipped back out to discover I could not start my truck again. Zero issues on this drive up and back and really no issues at all in last few months... it just won't fire up. It seems like no fuel is getting to the cylinders at all. It is not flooding not matter much I pump the gas and the fuel pump seems to pressurize. I get gas squirting from this weird little starting jet and checked the fuel filter (i.e. blew it out). I felt the weird lil magnetic valve deally and it seems to be clacking into place (I felt a distinct click but ordered a new one any way). I still need to buy a can of starter fluid and see if spritzing some of that into the carb might get a quick catch. Any ideas or tips? The carb has so many vacuum and coolant lines it makes it tough for me to troubleshoot it. Also are DB51T carbs just so bad they don't make them anymore? I can get the year up but that would require being more than the redneck mechanic I am to make work I think.
  2. Soldtheatv

    Soldtheatv New Member

    PS.... Once this last winter with every accessory on (plus my add on radio and crap) it chugged to a stop in wet almost snowing rain (obviously need a new battery) and fired up once I shut down for a minute. Probably beside the point but whatever. I also checked for spark using a new plug but have not pulled the old ones yet (too busy).
  3. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    The carbs are available. The problem is they are so advanced that it is hard to work on them once stuff starts failing. Properly working you wouldn't know it was carburated. Once stuff starts failing they become unreliable I know one of the vac dash pots on the back has to function or it won't start
  4. Soldtheatv

    Soldtheatv New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I sort of was feeling this might be the case. It looks like I may have to get the slightly newer carb that doesn't look exactly like the current stock one but seems to have all the correct connections (although they look to be in different spot in some cases. I googled around a bit and it appears that the exact model carb used runs around $550 on up vs what I guess is the newer style one for a DD51T at around $200. I guess I will have to do some vacuum line studying in the near future.
  5. matt167

    matt167 Active Member

    There are only 2 variations of carb for F5A/ F6A and they are basically interchangeable..

    I was always going to remove the complicated carb and bolt on a Harley CV-40 carb for mine but I just ended up selling the truck and buying an EFI Jimny.

    I bought an aftermarket CV-40 carburator and all the parts to put it together but ended up not using it.

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