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Customer Trucks, pretty sweet....

Discussion in 'Tiger Trucks' started by XtremeMini, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. XtremeMini

    XtremeMini Member

    Thought I would post up a couple pics of recent customer builds on the Tiger trucks.




  2. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Lookin good. Do you service the Tiger trucks? Just wondering what common issues you see. parts availability etc
  3. cbarlow

    cbarlow Member

    On that last truck are those bf Goodrich tires? If so what size
  4. firejonny89

    firejonny89 Member

    Hey I found so bfg tires for 14 inch rims they r 195/75r14. Figures out to about 25.5 inches tall prolly more than most of us can run but maybe not

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