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cushman white truck parts manuals online!!

Discussion in 'References' started by Dan, May 31, 2008.

  1. Dan

    Dan Member

    I found an online parts list through my jacobsen vendor for the "white trucks and vans.


    choose: resources - empart parts catalog- english - (select a catalog) jacobsen turf (go) - (view product line)cushman turf folder- white truck folder - pick your vehicle.... you're in the parts lists with exploded views!!!

    He says contact an EZ-GO golf vendor for purchases by these part#'s. The line has recently been dropped but some/most parts will still be available until they run out.

    Many thanks to David from "Golf Ventures West" las vegas!!!!

  2. lzpoor

    lzpoor Member

    what models does this cover?
  3. Dan

    Dan Member

    White Trucks
    898611 White Truck, Flatbed
    898612 White Truck, Van
    898613 White Truck, Flatbed With Air Conditioning
    898614 White Truck, Van With Air Conditioning
    898615 White Truck, 4WD, Flatbed
    898617 White Truck, 4WD, Flatbed With Air Conditioning
  4. lzpoor

    lzpoor Member

    ya but who makes these for them
  5. Dan

    Dan Member

    CMC (china motors co.) and Mitsubishi markings are all over these vehicles. Textron is the mother company for the truck who has dropped it in a few different places in the past. It has been under the guise of ransome, ryan, jacobsen, and ez-go as well as Cushman. I just thought it might be useful/helpful to have a parts breakdown and a simple source for those who have the white trucks.
  6. slimbad

    slimbad Member

    Cushman Parts List

    Dan, that's a Great find. If you get a chance, I would like ur opinion on one of the diagrams. In the White Van folder (898612) under the "transmission gears" folder - what do you think about diagram #36 - Sleave, O/T speed gear, and #44 - Gear over top?? The diagram already shows 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears. Isn't that a blocked 5 spd tranny? Similar to our blocked 4 spds in the mits? Just wanted ur thoughts before I tear into the tranny that's in the back of my CMC van. Thanks again for the find (thanks to ur golf dude connection also)......later, slim

    P.S. any updates on ur rear diff gears - gone posi yet?
  7. Dan

    Dan Member

    Hey Slim,

    I finally dug out that cushman manual that i thought i had. It is a tech manual for the engine and transmission for the white truck/van. the tech manual says it is a 5-speed. I don't see in the diagrams how it is blocked. it will probably be something similar to the 4-speed. it may be the sleeve that is in the diagram. Its hard to visualize it functioning with just the exploded views of a parts list. I'll scan that section of the tech manual and post it when i get a chance.

    I'm working on the posi rear end now. Its all apart in the garage now. I'll let everyone know how it turns out when the dust settles:D

  8. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Gold Supporting Member

    I had mine painted blue.

    I guess the parts won't work anymore :(
  9. Dan

    Dan Member

    Technically it does have a "HEMI" in it:rolleyes:...you might try mopar parts now.:D
  10. drybones

    drybones New Member

    does anybody know where I can buy a used starter for a cushman white truck?
    Thanks for all help.
  11. Therealxar420

    Therealxar420 New Member

    Hello! I recently acquired a Cushman white truck and have started rebuilding it. Sadly, the links you have posted no longer work as Textron had discontinued support for these models.
    Do you by chance still have the parts book for model 898611? It would help me out alot. Thanks, Chad
  12. Dan

    Dan Member

  13. Therealxar420

    Therealxar420 New Member

    Thank you very much Dan!! Exactly what I was looking for!
  14. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    too bad there was not a 'click here to download in pdf' lol
  15. brinkster

    brinkster New Member

    I hate digging up old threads but I am trying to find a repair manual for a Cushman White Van. Anybody have a copy of one? I'll digitize it and share for everybody. It looks like they stopped printing them so I can't buy one online.
  16. Rong

    Rong New Member

    Anyone? I need a copy.
  17. chris allen

    chris allen Member

    Hi everyone, still desperately seeking::
    Dihatsu hijet s80lp ( PROPANE) service manual


    Cushman White Truck Service Manual

    PLEASE Any help will be appreciated....




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