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Changing Spark plugs....

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by conelydt, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. conelydt

    conelydt New Member

    What's it take for a plug socket....I'm at work today and my son says he can't find anything to fit it???
  2. 3000gt

    3000gt New Member

    you have to have a thin walled socket. I was told NAPA sells them, however just take a 5/8 socket and grind the outside of the socket. Be sure to do that from top to bottom. On mini trucks, I think the cylinder gradually gets more narrow where the spark plug is. you just have to grind a little and try. Trust me it is very frustrating
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2007
  3. TetsuKuma

    TetsuKuma Member

    Did you get a tool kit with your truck? If so, you should have the appropriate long reach socket in that kit. If not, do as mentioned above or check your favorite auto parts store.
  4. nick

    nick Member

    Most of the Mitsubishis I've had stored a small tool kit with a spark plug socket behind the passenger seat. It's strapped down behind the seat with a rubber band. Very thin socket, wrench, small rod for turning socket. Much like the kit that comes with a 4 wheeler or chainsaw.
  5. superdutytrucks

    superdutytrucks New Member

    Get an old 5/8 socket and grind it down to .300. I bought a duralast that micked at .360 and turned down to .300 and works great. Snap-on sockets are a good choice to get w/o needing turned down, but its still not the best. the best is getting it around .300
  6. prjohnson

    prjohnson New Member

    Thought I'd throw this out there for people who are grinding down sockets.
    A little trick to make it easier is to stick the socket through a screwdriver, wear gloves & hold the end of the socket with your thumb, pressing it to the screwdriver so it doesn't spin. I just slid it back & forth. It was very easy to do.
  7. bobnalleweg

    bobnalleweg Member

    Socket Diameter

    I just went through the process of making my own plug socket and had to grind a substantial amount off of my 5/8 socket. In the end it was the same diameter as the sealing flange on the spark plug. If I were to do it again I would have a machinist turn the socket down to .745 inches.
  8. bobnalleweg

    bobnalleweg Member

    I just bought a plug socket from Rocky Mountain Imports and it fits perfectly. it's cheaper than the Snap-on socket I ruined while grinding it down to fit. Apparently it's the plug socket for the Suzuki Carry.
  9. dowhat

    dowhat Member

    take a cheap spark plug socket on the end of an extension and have at it on the grinding wheel.
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  10. miniman

    miniman Member

    I had to have a buddy put a socket on his lathe and turn it down until it fit, the grinder would probably work but this gives you a uniform diameter
  11. bobnalleweg

    bobnalleweg Member

    Hey, I tried that and yes it worked but having the proper tool is way nicer.
  12. txhunter

    txhunter New Member

    Do you have a link to this socket? I am interested. Beats the welfare looking socket I have... :D
  13. bobnalleweg

    bobnalleweg Member

  14. akguy09

    akguy09 Member


    When I changed mine in my 88 I just grabbed the socket I had and it fit just fine, I suppose I got lucky
  15. bobnalleweg

    bobnalleweg Member

    I expect that your 88 model has the 550 cc engine and not the 660 cc hemi model which has the plug down a 4 inch deep hole'
  16. bobnalleweg

    bobnalleweg Member

    The 88 Minicabhas a 550 cc engine that is not a "hemi" engine and a regular plug socket will work whereas the 90 and newer has a 660 cc hemi engine with the plugs down a hole about 4 inches deep.

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