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[SOLVED] Car Promos Philippines - Best Car Deals In 2022

Discussion in 'Performance' started by bileo, Oct 4, 2022.

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    If you live in the Philippines and are looking for a new car at an affordable price, you will want to check out these car promos Philippines. Read right away!

    In the Philippines, getting a brand new car is a dream of many people, especially those who just started working and have a decent income. However, getting a new car can be way too expensive.

    So, below are the top 6 car promos Philippines that you might want to look at and make up your mind about.

    Top 6 Best Car Deals And Car Discounts 2022 In The Philippines
    2022 Kia Stonic
    Kia Stonic is a crossover in the Philippines market designed to be highly economical, perfect for families on a budget. It is positioned below the larger Seltos model, a boon for fans of smaller SUVs that can turn on a dime and enjoy tackling winding roads in style.

    Being the 11th model of the brand, it will hit home with its design thanks to Kia's modern and sophisticated look. Not only will drivers benefit from being able to haul plenty of passengers in comfort, but the Stonic is also designed with plenty of clever innovations as part of its standard features package.

    At the moment, the Philippines dealerships have the biggest promo ever for this 2022 Kia Stonic 1.4 LX AT, with a cash discount of ₱60,000. Therefore, instead of paying ₱865,000, customers can own a brand new Kia Stonic at just ₱805,000 in the Philippines.

    2022 Honda Brio
    The Honda Brio has become a hatchback that is both trendy and attractive at the same time, without compromising on the features its buyers look forward to. It has come up with some of the best features, including a powerful yet efficient engine and braking controls that are easy to operate.

    Its suspension system delivers a smooth ride experience while commuting in this car model, increasing user-friendliness.

    Take advantage of this limited offer and add the 2022 Honda Brio 1.2 V CVT to your fleet. We are offering this brand new model with a ₱45,000 All-in Downpayment. That being said, customers will have 60 months of financing at just ₱14,707 per month.

    Maxus D60
    Due to the popularity of crossovers and SUVs in the Philippines, Maxus has released their brand-new D60 premium midsize SUV! Maxus D60 is already available in Elite and Pro variants.

    The Maxus D60 is anything but ordinary, whether on the inside or the outside. It thrives with its sleek styling and comfort features such as plush leather seats and an upgraded entertainment system. On the road, it rules with a powerful engine that can take you to your destination on time through even the busiest traffic.

    Once in a while, Maxus comes up with a special promotion - a ₱104,000 cash discount. Customers now can get a Maxus D60 1.5 AT Pro for ₱1,136,000 from the actual price of ₱1,240,000! This deal is available for a limited time only, so take action now!

    Ford Everest
    Lately, Ford Motor Company has announced that the 2022 Ford Everest is now available for purchase! This new generation of their midsize SUV has created quite a stir in its line of the market, especially as earlier reports indicated that the third generation would be much more powerfully equipped than previous editions.

    One of the better midsize SUVs on the market today. It is a sure choice for those looking to go off-road or make regular excursions into rough conditions!

    Come into Ford now, and customers will get the chance to drive home a brand new Ford Everest 2.2 Trend 4x2 AT. Paying just ₱98,000 for an All-in Downpayment will begin after that pay period of 60 months with ₱38,590.

    Toyota Hilux Conquest
    Toyota is a known name for reliable pickup trucks everyone wants. Hilux Conquest is one such vehicle that offers loads of features and has improved both in terms of performance and looks compared to its previous generations.

    Philippines-based Hilux trucks are made on the same platform as Innova and Fortuner vehicles, which means people looking for brains combined with beauty will want to get their hands on this fantastic pickup!

    Toyota's biggest selling pickup will get even better with this upcoming deal. Take the opportunity to save the time and money needed to purchase a vehicle by taking advantage of this Toyota Hilux Conquest 2.4 DSL 4x2 AT with ₱190,000 All-in Downpayment. This can be achieved through a 60-month financing period.
    Suggested for you Toyota car promos: Toyota Innova promos and monthly installment in the Philippines

    2022 Mitsubishi Strada
    Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has changed the face of the Philippine market with their Strada model, which revolutionized the Mitsubishi truck line-up and contributed to the consumer's taste in utility vehicles.

    The company's well-adorned midsize pickup truck that had honored loyal customers g been sought after by our en a sweet update when they unveiled their newest version. This time around, both enthusiasts and newbies alike have yet another reason why this massive utility vehicle is on everybody's dream list.

    At this time, there is a great deal on their Mitsubishi Strada. They proudly present you with a brand new GLS 4x2 MT variant with ₱115,000 off the initial price! They have slashed its price down from the original ₱1,250,000 actual cost to only ₱1,135,000.

    This article has discussed all the top and latest car deals and offers in the Philippines. We hope that these top 6 car promos Philippines will help you get the best car deals!

    Thank you for reading. We are always excited when one of our posts can provide useful information on this topic!
    Here are the lists of car promos that you can look further information: https://philkotse.com/all-promotions-in-the-philippines/monthly-payment
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