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Camo Mini Trucks

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by MiniMuscle, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. prdjim

    prdjim Member

    Realtree Hardwoods

    All of our Camo Trucks are rhino-lined then stencilled in Real Tree Hardwoods. If you attended the Harrisburg Hunting Show last Feb, you would have seen one there. How many hours does it take to do camo clad?

    Here's a 95 mits we brought to that show

  2. 4Wheelin

    4Wheelin Member

    Camo Clad took about 3-4 hrs to apply (between govt. breaks for Natural Light). :D
  3. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    that is the only way to put it on - 1 sheet - 1 drink - 2 sheets - 2 drinks - haha
  4. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    anyone else have camo truck pics?
  5. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    Is anyone brave enough to put this camo on a mini? www.morningwood4u.com - I wanna see a pic of that
  6. Colin

    Colin Member

    Badass. If it were available as a wrap in urban or winter camo (black & white) I'd totally do it. :D
  7. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    It is in a wrap - the urban looks like a winter pattern - kinda:D
  8. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    That is cool - I assume you must use it on a game ranch? Is it high fence?
  9. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    what site are you talking about?
  10. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    Just heard a rumor today that as of Dec. all imports of minis will be stopped!!! Is that correct? Anyone know?
  11. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Not that I know of. Go to the thread titled "Official Epa Notice November 17, 2008"
    It just sounds like after Dec 8th, the little trucks will have to pass an emissions test before shipping out. Once they pass they are considered a "certified" engine.
  12. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    thanks for clarifying - that had me scared
  13. Griz

    Griz Member

    Anyone sell this wrap material that is not camo? I am thinking wrap it not paint it.
  14. Ravk

    Ravk Member

    Custom Wrap

    Here in Edmonton, we have a company that wraped our company vans. They have taken pics of the E250 then modeled the wrap around all the bends and curves. The wrap cost $3000 for each van, total wrap from bumper to bumper installed (cheaper than a yellow page add!).
    The company is called After Mac Graphics. They do FANTASTIC work!

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  15. Geordi1133

    Geordi1133 New Member

    I just found a sign company called Sign Arama that can put anything on vinyl and then apply it to vehicles. I had been trying to decide how I was going to paint my subaru. Professionaly was going to cost to much so I decided to just spray it myself with cans. On my way to buy the paint I saw this company and stopped in to see what they could do. I dropped the truck off yesterday and they are going to cover it in what I really wanted all along. It is going to be MARPAT, Marine woodland digital camo. $692 Can't wait to see it.
  16. teeshka

    teeshka Member


    Here's my 89 Sambar camo job. Sprayed entire truck with Endura prmer which happens to be a flat green then used Krylon camo paint from Mills fleetfarm and homemade stencils. Bought some camo fabric from Walmart for the interior and based the pattern on it. After priming the truck, the entire camo job took about two hours.


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  17. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Saw on your sign in the background '50mpg'. Ummm.. you're kinda stretching the truth there.
  18. teeshka

    teeshka Member


    First of all, I must point out that I am in Canada and we base mileage by the Imperial gallon which is 20% larger than the US gallon. I have customers who tell me they have hit the 50 mpg mark. My wife drove a 92 Sambar to the city(200km) going around 90kph and she hit 52mpg. Not all the trucks get the same mileage. Same as you can put drive two identical Fords or Chevs and won't get the same mileage. I personally usually get around 42-48 mpg with most trucks, but I drive for mileage and my wife drives even more efficiently than I do. Converted to US gallon, we probably are making 35-40mpg.
  19. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    If you can get 35 mpg usa fuel you are doing great. The bs published that you can get 40 to 50 mpg is a lie. I get maybe 40 hiway at 40 mph and if I go to 50 mph it goes down a lot. If you can get 30 mpg in the usa with one it is really worth buying one. I have driven my chevy only 2 times since I bought my 1994 Daihatsu in September, 08. My opinion of these trucks is....They are not off road 4x4 trucks like chevys, fords. They won't go through deep mud like a ford or chevy. They do not accept as lift kit like a ford or chevy.They are not built to drive 90 mph like a ford or chevy. The thing about these trucks is ....THEY ARE TWICE AS MUCH FUN TO DRIVE AS A FORD OR CHEVY AND GET TWICE THE FUEL MILAGE. I hate to think what would happen if I could not get another one when I wear this one out.
  20. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    :) alright, yeah, 35-40mpg (us) is a little closer to reality.
  21. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    nice pics - looks like good work - pricey though
  22. Bisqwik

    Bisqwik New Member

    This is green bedliner finish with air brush our it.
  23. LarryMorris

    LarryMorris New Member

    Look great and very well thought out.
    Where did you get the fender skirt extensions. Been looking for some.

    Larry Morris
  24. Shrimp Daddy

    Shrimp Daddy Member

    I was just thinking the same thing. Where do you get the fender skirts? Just got the mini a couple weeks ago and as everyone says, it is throwing mud and such. I will need some fender flares/fender skirts/converted semi truck mud flaps cut to strips around the fender.
  25. Badgerland

    Badgerland Member

    I just received some of the exact same fender flare material as pictured. We're going to install a set on one of our trucks (while taking measurements) to see what we can put a kit together for price-wise and what the best attachment method will be.

    I'll keep you posted!
  26. mitsu911

    mitsu911 Member

    No sheets for me, I am painting mine with Camo spray paint. I paint the base color and then use leafs and such and paint different colors. Do a search for camo 101 and 102 on Youtube.
  27. MiniMuscle

    MiniMuscle Member

    is that last picture a wrap or painted? I don't recognize the pattern, but it looks awesome.
  28. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    Stencil kit

    This took me a little over three hours to complete. 1 stencil kit from ebay complete with spray cans. Had to buy an extra black and the green(to match ejection seat) though. Stencil was very easy to use. Very easy to fix when u screw up also. Glad I didn't go with the wrap I'm not good with that sort of thing.

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  29. smoothstroke

    smoothstroke Member

    That is KOOL!
  30. minniman

    minniman New Member

    awesome pics - a real artist there

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