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Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by blakkmoon, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. blakkmoon

    blakkmoon Member

    time for front brakes on my 91 acty

    anyone find out if there is a crossover part

    research so far suggests

    92-95 Civic/Del Sol, 94-01 Integra
    88-91 Prelude, 90-91 CRX SI, 92-95 civic SI, 94-96 Integra RS, 97 Integra LS 4dr
    so far

    just wondering if anyone has tried any of these?
  2. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    this is what I found
    Length-1 104
    Pcs In Set 4
    Thickness-1 14.3
    Width-1 43

    AKEBONO A-331K
    FBL AFP241
    FBL AFP330S
    HONDA 06450-S2K-J00
    HONDA 06450-S3A-J00
    HONDA 06450-SFA-000
    HONDA 45022-S2K-000
    HONDA 45022-S3A-000
    HONDA 45022-SC2-000
    HONDA 45022-SC2-010
    HONDA 45022-SC2-020
    HONDA 45022-SC2-040
    HONDA 45022-SC2-050
    HONDA 45022-SD5-000
    HONDA 45022-SD5-010
    HONDA 45022-SD5-020
    HONDA 45022-SD5-040
    HONDA 45022-SD5-050
    HONDA 45022-SD5-060
    HONDA 45022-SF4-000
    HONDA 45022-SF4-010
    HONDA 45022-SF4-020
    HONDA 45022-SF4-060
    HONDA 45022-SFA-000
    HONDA 45022-SJ6-000
    HONDA 45022-SJ6-010
    HONDA 45022-SJ6-020
    HONDA 45022-SJ6-030
    HONDA 45022-SJ6-040
    HONDA 45022-SJ6-050
    HONDA 45022-SJ6-325
    HONDA 45022-SJ6-J00
    HONDA 45022-SJ6-J01
    HONDA 45022-SJ6-J02
    HONDA 45022-ST5-000
    HONDA 45022-ST5-010
    HONDA 45022-ST5-020
    NiBK PN8336
    NISSAN AY040-KE014
    NISSAN AY040-KE015
    NISSAN AY040-KE016
    NISSAN AY040-KE129
    NISSAN AY040-KE130
    TOYOTA V9118-H002
    TOYOTA V9118-H018

    HONDA ACTY 88.05~90.02 550 HA1,HA2,HH1,HH2
    HONDA ACTY 90.02~99.06 660 HH3,HH4,HA3
    HONDA ACTY 90.02~99.07 660 HA4,HA5
    HONDA ACTY 99.05~ 660 HA6,HA7
    HONDA ACTY 99.06~ 660 HH5,HH6
    HONDA BEAT 91.05~96.01 660 PP1
    HONDA CITY 86.01~94.06 1200 GA1
    HONDA LIFE 97.05~98.10 660 JA4
    HONDA LIFE 98.10~03.09 660 JB2
    HONDA LIFE 98.10~03.09 660 JB1
    HONDA LIFE 03.09~ 660 JB5
    HONDA LIFE 03.09~ 660 JB6
    HONDA THAT-S 02.02~07.06 660 JD2
    HONDA THAT-S 02.02~07.06 660 JD1
    HONDA TODAY 88.03~90.02 550 JA1,JW2
    HONDA TODAY 90.02~98.10 660 JA3,JW4
    HONDA TODAY 90.02~98.10 660 JA2,JW3
    HONDA TODAY 93.01~98.10 660 JA4
    HONDA TODAY 93.01~98.10 660 JA5
    HONDA TODAY 94.09~98.10 660 JA3,JW3
    HONDA VAMOS 99.05~ 660 HM1
    HONDA VAMOS 99.05~ 660 HM2
    HONDA VAMOS 03.04~ 660 HJ1,HJ2
    HONDA VAMOS 03.04~ 660 HM3,HM4
    HONDA ZEST 06.03~ 660 JE2
    HONDA ZEST 06.03~ 660 JE1

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    Last edited: Dec 28, 2010
  3. blakkmoon

    blakkmoon Member

  4. blakkmoon

    blakkmoon Member

    Got it figured out

    Took a chance and went to local parts source store
    Like Advance or Oreilly's for you in the USA

    For a change, I did NOT get the usual 20 year old that doesn't know anything unless its on his screen

    I got a ---mmmm---woman of a certain age ---- more along the lines of a cougar ----
    And a real LOVER of all cars
    She had not heard of an acty
    or the other references I gave her
    the honda beat, and vamos
    but she jumped right on google to see them
    she loved them and then set out to try to figure something that would work
    got the measurements and started comparing and bringing out different brake pads

    in the end
    the closest thing was front pads from a 1984 civic
    they were close

    An hour with the bench grinder, and I now have new brakes for $20

    So nice to see someone who is willing to try, and understands that I am willing to work with what they have

    Unlike the idiot last time when I was trying to find the battery
    I was trying with a tape measure to find what would fit
    He would not not stoop bugging me until I told him what it would be for
    He then told me that it was not listed -- duh
    He then said that if it was not listed, but I took it and it was not made for my car then there would be no warranty - i called him a few names and left

    For anyone who wants to try it
    here is the brake pad comparison


    Here is an overlay
    The green is the Acty brake pad
    I just carved away the excess on the bench grinder
    ( wear gloves - it gets hot - and goggles and ear protection )


    Finished product
    Works like a charm
  5. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    sounds like LOVE:p.....go job...hondas seem tough to find any cross overs for
  6. today I changed my rear brake pads on my '92 Honda HA4.

    Took them off and went to the local Car Quest store and asked him to check on a '92 Honda Civic

    Turned out to be an exact match. 92-95 Honda Civic.

    CarQuest part number FRI B576
  7. Vitnzjp

    Vitnzjp Member

    It's also good to have bench grinder :)

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