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Bolt Pattern

Discussion in 'Vantage International' started by jeffj6609, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. jeffj6609

    jeffj6609 New Member

    Anybody know what the wheel bolt pattern is on a 2004 Truckall is?:cool:
  2. Tuvoca

    Tuvoca New Member

    It's 4 lug, but kinda odd. I don't remember what the tire place told me but it's either 108 or 110? I got some trailer tires since they couldn't find any car tires that fit. The rims I "upgraded" to 14 inch but the tires still have the same overall diameter. Hopefully it's a step closer to street legal because the Highway patrol guy said he wouldn't look at it if the wheels were 13s because it matched the Truckall he refused to approve, but he was interested when I mentioned it was a van instead. I'll see what it takes to make it street and keep going until they have to approve it, even if it means a roll cage, bumper, air bags, etc. I know the risks and will only sell it as an offroad LSV when the time comes, with an American ECU at 25mph for liability reasons.

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