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Blower Motor Pictures/ Blower Motor Resistor Replacement for V-KS3/4 & V-KV3/4 Sambar

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Timetripper, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Photos courtesy of Yahoo Japan
    This shows the left hand side with the heater core inlet/ outlet.
    R.H. side of picture is the top when installed in truck/ van
    This shows the right hand side with the blower motor & resistor.
    Note: Defrost duct is removed in this picture - see picture below.
    L.H. side of picture is the top when installed in truck/ van
    Close up of the Blower Motor Resistor - it has the cut off plug still in the resistor
    Subaru OEM Part # 72024TA002 [Blower Motor Resistor]

    This shows the defrost duct that is in your way when trying to replace the resistor

    Untested method for replacing the Blower Motor Resistor in the beloved Sambar:

    1. Remove bezel from speedometor, remove speedometor [needs to have two wiring plugs & speedo cable removed from back]
    2. Remove defrostor duct if possible - has screw holding it on at top and possible screw or zap strap holding it in at bottom
    3. Working from the hole where the speedo used to be you should now have room to see and work on the blower motor resistor.
      Uplug resistor wiring harness and remove two screws. Replace with new unit and reverse above.
    4. If the above does not work the only other choice is to remove the entire dash panel to access the blower motor resistor.
      This would include: speedo, glove box, speakers, radio, etc coming out first.:(

    Untested Part # & Picture
    This is the picture of a blower motor resistor from a 95~98 Nissan 240SX.
    This appears to be very similar to the one used in the Sambar.
    Part #'s: Standard Motor Products # RU216/ Four Seasons # 20131/ Airtex # 3A1162/ AC Delco # E1132

    It is unknown at this time if this will work in the Sambar or not.
    ***Proceed at your own risk****

    I will edit this as time goes by when I finish doing my own unit or others input feedback to me.
  2. confuzed

    confuzed Member

    resistor function

    Ok here is a real dumb question for you....... what exactly does the resistor do? The heater in my Sambar when i bought it worked great now it only works on high (thank god at -38C with wind chill it works on high) It would be nice though in the spring and fall to be able to use lower speeds,and if it is a problem that may worsen I would like to solve.
  3. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    The resistor adds resistance to the 12 volt supply to the heater blower motor. The more resistance this less rpm the blower turns.
    With the blower in the Sambar being a 3spd fan the resistor has two circuits on it - low speed has the most resistance and
    medium speed less resistance than low speed, for high speed the resistor is by-passed all together so the blower motor gets the full 12 volts.
    Even if the resistor fails you should always have high speed on the blower because it isn't used as noted above.

    Likewise if you don't have high speed on the fan at some point then it could be:

    1. Fuse
    2. Switch
    3. Blower Motor
  4. confuzed

    confuzed Member

    did this resistor work?

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