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Bigger wheels for a 1998 Suzuki Every

Discussion in 'Trade-A-Part' started by Lesley Davies, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Lesley Davies

    Lesley Davies New Member

    I am looking for some 13" or 14" tyres to fit to my imported Suzuki Every Camper van. It currently has 12" wheels with fat tyres and is a bit low to the ground. There is room in the wheel arches to fit bigger wheels.
    There are 4 studs; diagonally centre to centre are 4" apart and adjacently the studs are 70mm apart. Do you have any ideas or anything that would fit please?
    Thank you
    Lesley :)
  2. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    70mm isnt the number your looking for. you want the pcd. it can be 4 100 or 4x115 i think on he suzuki carry not sure if every is the same. measure across the center of the wheel
  3. Tony Evers

    Tony Evers Active Member

    4x100 wheels with 175/70 R13 tires will give your van a little higher stance. about 2" and still fit wheel wells. you can find cheap tires all over the place on kijiji and craigslist. thats what I run on mine.
  4. Rob Prior

    Rob Prior New Member

    Lesley, I have just purchased a 1999 Every Plus, and it came with two sets of wheels... The stock ones were 165/65/R14, but the rubber was shot. The alternates are 195/70/R14 Snow tires, running on BMW bottle-cap rims. The 195/70's are a little large, and will rub if I make tight turns. I'm planning on going back to the stock rims for summer, with new rubber (if I can find it). I worked out the overall diameter of some tire sizes, maybe this will help:
    Width Sidewall Sidewall Rim  Dia
    (mm)  (%)      (mm)     (in) (in)
    195   70%      137      14   24.75
    195   65%      127      14   23.98
    195   60%      117      14   23.21
    185   65%      120      14   23.47
    185   60%      111      14   22.74
    185   55%      102      14   22.01
    175   65%      114      14   22.96
    165   65%      107      14   22.44
    As you can see, the 195/70/14's are the largest by a large margin. The stock tires are fully two inches smaller in diameter, I figure if I can get them down below 23.5" diameter I should be able to avoid any rubbing.
  5. John Blazier

    John Blazier New Member

    I am getting a 1990 Mitsubishi in January. Want to go to a 14" wheel and maybe put some BFG All terrains on it. Can anyone tell me how much lift I need to do this ? Also want to find out which set of tracks is considered the best for these trucks....Thanks
  6. Tony Evers

    Tony Evers Active Member

    mostly your asking for trouble. the 13" wheel is best. however I have seen a few rigs using carlyle tire (I spelled the brand wrong ) but they make a R13 tire that is sweet and you can get away with the recommended 2" lift easily done with stiffer coil springs 250# and longer back shackles. So as not to put to much stress on your CV joints. Remember your 660cc engine only has 50hp if your lucky. I'm pretty sure the Mitsubishi still had the 550cc in 1990 so even less. But don't take my word for it. Theres lots of info here. Good luck.
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