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bc mini truck owners

Discussion in 'Canada' started by bc mini trucks, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. bc mini trucks

    bc mini trucks New Member

    i would like to find other owners in BC Canada for off road sessions behind maple ridge. mission. Harrison area . i would like to go wheeling with a bunch of these things. Also i would like to know who has what and what parts they have handy.
  2. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    Talk to Cory at Kodiak. They do some crazy stuff and have a lot of mini truck customers. They can help you out with parts too. Especially Suzuki parts.

    Kodiak Fabrication
    Kodiak Custom Vehicles
    25168 117 ave Maple Ridge
    V4R 1E3

    Ph 604-817-0510
  3. bc mini trucks

    bc mini trucks New Member

    Cut and paste jack the hamster

    I know cory he is good people
    We have done lots of business together
    If u need some custom top quality fab done
    He is the man
    The other day I had 35 bags of cement
    Ten 8foot rebar
    And ten 2x6s
    Let's just say my tires were riding low
    But the truck did the work and still runs fine
    My truck takes the punishment I give it and likes it
    I big thumbs up
    Have a good one
  4. bc mini trucks

    bc mini trucks New Member

    2000 pounds

    I think I had around 2000 phones on the truck that day
  5. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    You mean people were calling your boss telling them what you were doing??
  6. bc mini trucks

    bc mini trucks New Member

    2000 pounds

    i had 2000 pounds in the truck that other day
    35 bags of cement and other stuff read the post
  7. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    BC, in your previous post you said 2000 PHONES on the truck, which is what Meesho is getting at I think.
  8. bc mini trucks

    bc mini trucks New Member

    ipod emailing

    i sent that email from my ipod so that is why it went all to
    sh t .
  9. lucasj154

    lucasj154 Member

    lol, phones- i picture a heap of cord and cordless phones on the back when i hear that :D
  10. MiniBrutes

    MiniBrutes Member

    Yeah, me too, I thought that would be freakin funny to see!
  11. bcole

    bcole New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm going to be living in New Mexico and need a truck so i can work as a builder and get to my new place that is well off the main road. I've seen the mini trucks around the states a little, but most are not registered. I've really taking a liking to them and am determined to get one. Are they road legal in Canada? i heard BC lets them on the road.

    anyhow, I was hoping to figure out how to register one in Canada and drive it in the US. any suggestions? I'm happy to pay anyone for help with this. thanks

  12. BC_MMC

    BC_MMC Member

    Buy one from a BC resident that's already road licensed? But you couldn't insure it here for down there. Could you xfer the registration and insure one in NM?
  13. bcole

    bcole New Member

    I could possibly drive a mini on local roads in NM but all interstates are off limits, so maybe i could visit Canada for a bit and keep it registered wherever i buy it.
  14. oldsnowman

    oldsnowman Member

    i have bought property in south BC and was wondering if anyone has been on any of the trails around headley?
  15. g-rod

    g-rod New Member

    i am in abby just getting my truck ready to go ,just bought it last week
  16. Hunterofbc

    Hunterofbc New Member

    Once I get mine going im up for some Harison lake travels. Im located in Chilliwack
  17. g-rod

    g-rod New Member

    i am in abby , i have a 89 mighty mits, i am looking for 4 wheeling adventures in that area as well, if you here of a left front door with a window i am in need please and thanks .
  18. g-rod

    g-rod New Member

    hey hunter whats wrong with your truck ? i am a licensed auto mechanic , have a shop in abby .
  19. g-rod

    g-rod New Member

    i also need the valve adjustments for my 89 mits 550 cc three cylinder non turbo motor , anyone know what they should be set at
  20. FiveOneOh

    FiveOneOh Member

    I'm in Port Moody. 90 Sambar

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