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Bad Dog Dump Conversion Kit

Discussion in 'Performance' started by xroadsimport, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. xroadsimport

    xroadsimport Member

  2. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    But, is that $400.00 shipping, or $400 SHIPPED? :D
  3. xroadsimport

    xroadsimport Member

    No the price is not set yet but it is certainly more than $400. The shipping is set at $400 on the web store but I will modify it very soon when I have the sales price. It is not the cheapest dump conversion but well wroth it and still a great value.

    Stay tuned for more.
  4. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Interesting... I'd be curious as to the sale price; post it up when you get it :)
  5. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    And I was just about to get my cheque book out..doh..:eek:
  6. miniman

    miniman Member

    Or you could just get a hold of one of the guys still importing and just buy one with the factory dump on it:rolleyes:
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  7. xroadsimport

    xroadsimport Member

    You have a point. A factory dump, well used to be, cheaper. The problem with that logic is that the % of dumps in existence from the factory in Japan is a VERY low percentage. Also if you order a dump in Japan what are you going to do with it? Well you are going to use the hell out of it and when selling it they are generally a beat up rusty mess (exceptions of course).
  8. miniman

    miniman Member

    and this conversion won't end up being a beat up rusty mess if the hell gets used out of it?:sly:
  9. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    If I could get my hands on a demo unit, I would be willing to beat the hell out of it and let you know if it becomes a rusty mess:D

    Impartial kit assesment...:rolleyes:

  10. xroadsimport

    xroadsimport Member

    The construction is quality. Yes you will be able to beat the hell out of it if you try but at least you won't start out with a mess! lol
  11. DannyM

    DannyM Member

    Where I live and with firewood being the norm every year, I know for a fact I would use the heck out of it and would not care if it got beat up a little or not. Matter of fact, I have looked at a couple sites with the new Suz's with a dump truck looking bed on them, and if I could ever get money right that is the truck I would want, well actually I would and could use two. When I bought the ranger truck I now drive a few years ago, I bought it with the intention of using it. No good sitting in the drive and not being used. Of course, that is me. I also like seeing the "good Looking" trucks, and know that some day...................ah........dreamin again.lol

    DannyM ;)
  12. wfo speedracer

    wfo speedracer New Member

    Do you sell those fenders separately and if so how much?
  13. Wildman

    Wildman New Member

    I can't get your link on the dump beds to open. Can you send me some info?
    Thanks man
  14. They've been closed up for quite awhile wildman

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