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Backwards Performance?! Make 660 Turbo into N/A?! Suzuki Jimny

Discussion in 'Performance' started by MiniTruck_Matt, Aug 13, 2022.

  1. MiniTruck_Matt

    MiniTruck_Matt New Member

    I want to import, buy and drive a Suzuki Jimny 660, anything from 1995-2007 works, however I think they are all Turbos in the 660, I want to run 87 Octane regular fuel, not 91 or 94 Premium due to the turbo, So... Does ANYONE run their 660cc Turbo motors with 87 octane or is there a 87 tune or.. What would it take to make the 660cc turbo engine into a N/A non-turbo?

    PLZ help, I would like to do this to many of them, Thanks!
  2. 13-ball

    13-ball Member

    I'll swap you straight up. Your turbo motor for my NA.
  3. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Potential problems I see:

    1. Does the turbo engine have a lower theoretical compression ratio? If your designing a production turbo setup, then you lower the compression ratio, to allow more pressurized air-fuel into it, and increase the output. Pull the turbo off, and you have less power than the original non-turbo version. And, the minitrucks are a bit under powered to start with.

    2. Can you TIG weld, or afford to have someone do it for you? Typically the turbo engines have different intake and exhaust manifolds. And you will not readily find the non turbo versions out there for sale. But, you could make up custom units from sheet and tubing.

    3. What kind of fuel supply, and timing control do they have. Is it something simple like a carburetor and a distributor with points? Or, complex and run with an ECU, which will need to be overridden or replaced with something which can be customized?

    You might be able to run on the 87-octane with no issues. Depends on how much boost they added. But do you have any enough knowledge and skills to work it out if you can’t, and need to modify things?

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