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Back up switch for Suzuki Every 2wd

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by 5Speed, Jul 24, 2023.

  1. 5Speed

    5Speed Member

    Today I replaced my Back up switch with a locally sourced switch. We all know the downside of ordering from Japan- shipping costs. The part I used was a Standard Motor Products LS246. It is the correct switch for my Every but with the wrong connector. I clipped off the connector that was on it and used individual connectors to match the harness connector and for less than $20 at Rock Auto problem solved. There are many manufacturers for this switch, and they all use different part numbers so use a cross reference if needed.
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  2. 5Speed

    5Speed Member

    Today I changed my transmission oil. I used Amsoil GL-4 in a pouch and added it through the Backup switch hole. I used the fill hole to monitor when it was full. The backup switch on the 2wd every is on top of the transmission and makes this process easier. The Amsoil pouch also aids the process. It would seem that the best kept secret in Japan is that you can change your transmission fluid. While my fluid was not as bad as many have reported, the drain plug looked like an alpaca that needed a shearing. Possibly as a result of a student driver.

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