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Autozam milky oil

Discussion in 'Autozam' started by Daniel Boyll, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Daniel Boyll

    Daniel Boyll New Member

    So I bought this autozam as some of you know from an auction wires were cut and got water in the fuel. I spliced all the wires that had mates topped off the oil dropped the tank and cleaned it out put in fresh with some marvel mystery oil and new fuel filter, started it up and it runs off like the throttle is stuck wide open, it has an electric fuel pump but maybe still carbureted? Also after just a few startups and shutdowns the fresh oil is milky, so my weekend was good until this discovery. So I either need a head gasket or complete rebuild from the way it sounded either way not fun for me (sad face).
  2. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    If this is a 660 12 valve engine there are 2 freeze plugs in the head and I had a truck that acted just like yours and it turned out that these plugs were rusted through. The rings were seized up on one cylinder too so I had to rebuild it. I got lucky and took the head to a shop where the machinist was familiar with these engines or I would have probably put it together with the bad freeze plugs in it.If you do a rebuild be sure to locate these freeze plugs and at least check them with an ice pick or awl,I would just replace them to be safe.To be clear,these freeze plugs are inside the head between the push rods and cam bearings and not external.
  3. Daniel Boyll

    Daniel Boyll New Member

    It is a 660 12 valve, located the carb discovered idle set screw set very high, backed it down and it didn't take off like it had. Almost seems like the whole thing has been underwater the fuel sending unit was nothing but rust, and the oil dipstick is rusty never seen anything like it.
  4. Daniel Boyll

    Daniel Boyll New Member

    Also can anyone tell me what these are supposed to sound like mine sounds like it has a possible knock but not sure if that's just how these things sound?
  5. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    It shouldn't have a knock,when they are running right they are pretty smooth and quiet once they warm up and come down off the high idle.
  6. Daniel Boyll

    Daniel Boyll New Member

    Yea I'm going to be pulling this motor before I'm done. Appreciate the info Jim.
  7. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Well-Known Member

    Knock?? possibly the Elec. fuel pump. When my friend next door starts his in the morning, I can hear his fuel pump inside my house.

  8. Daniel Boyll

    Daniel Boyll New Member

    Interesting thought, I'm going to investigate this as far as I can before deciding what I'm going to do with it
  9. Daniel Boyll

    Daniel Boyll New Member

    So pulled drain plug and filter and oil came out gray and reddish not sure why red filled it up and ran for a couple minutes no water in oil yet but I have something going on up top either piston slap or a sticky valve not exactly sure. When it was running it still tried idling up pretty high but not wide open. Are these common problems? Where do you guys recommend getting parts for someone in Indiana? How do I find which model engine I have? I think it's the f6a but not sure.

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  10. Ronin

    Ronin Active Member Supporting Member

    Some brands of coolant in Japan are red.

    Some pictures and/or video of what's going on would be helpful in helping you.
  11. Arcticmini

    Arcticmini Member

    It could be a bad intake manifold gasket.
  12. Daniel Boyll

    Daniel Boyll New Member

    Sorry for taking awhile to reply guys, the coolant that's in it is the traditional green I'll try to get a video when I get back off the road it'll be Tuesday when I get around to that thanks for the tips guys, also where do you guys get your parts from I know where Jim gets his but seeing if anyone else knows of good places

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