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Are Importers being "Honest" about EPA ?

Discussion in 'EPA Regulations' started by bullitt4248, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. bullitt4248

    bullitt4248 New Member

    American KTA Clarification : Can anyone actually say "KTA" exists?

    The guy who seems to be its one and only controlling "member" is a "Importer" and business person.

    A major portion of his income is now wrapped around Importation and resale of "Mini Trucks and foreign car parts" -

    I guess you could believe his "Information" is unbiased - you could believe he's working to protect the "Mini Truck Dealers"

    I think a clever business person would do exactly what he's doing.

    Just my thoughts - since I am no longer allowed in the "KTA" section I pose this to "Dealers and Consumers"

    What do you think the "EPA" is doing?

    This is no personal attack - I named no one person - I just read one thing and see others.
  2. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    Going thru' some of your posts, all I can say is: You sure are abrasive and pushy!

  3. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    I think whoever the person is that signs KTA should sign his name. I think he should shut his mouth to the epa about those of us who have a TITLE, TAG,REGISTRATION IN OUR STATE, NOT HIS, ABOUT WHAT WE ARE DOING IN OUR STATES. A person like him is causing all truck owners troubles in the future by running his mouth to the epa. I for one do not appreciate his actions. ray allen, Boynton, Oklahoma USA phone 9186855099
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2008
  4. Ray,

    Per our phone conversation I am posting more information concerning what discussions I am having and which I am not.

    First and foremost, I am not engaged in discussion with the EPA regarding licensing.

    What is being discussed however, are the statements being made by EPA employees to our industry, and the intentions of the Federal Registry changes to the "Calendar Year" and "New Non-Road Engines" definitions.

    From my point of view, there seems to be an inconsistency between what is written, what is interpreted and what is being said. I know that at least one EPA employee has been recently reprimanded for some of the information he has been discussing in regard to the guidance document we've been waiting for. At this point, it's anybody's guess as to why.

    For more information concerning my most recent discussions, please visit the section which Kevin created for this subject.
  5. This will be ironed out for better or for worse. For those of us who want, enjoy, and promote these fine little trucks beyond the dollar earned...that is where its going to count. I have spent some time reading alot of the posts etc.

    I am just about a mini truck owner, but I will be in close contact with others who are generating interest among the public and State reps. This is the best thing about forums...others of similar interest and already plowed the road.

    I do not want to speculate about the KTA. However, I am continually watching for posted agendas and progress from the KTA. In the meantime, I look forward to the arrival of my Suzuki Carry, this forum, KTA progress, and coordinating public influence on State reps etc.

    Kind Regards,

  6. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    Jeff...Thanks for the phone call. You really helped me to know some of the things that are going on right now with the Kei trucks. Glad to hear you are not against us driving them on the state roads we are allowed to by state laws. ray allen
  7. miniman

    miniman Member

    Yes everyone is being straight up about the EPA, I thought it was weird you would be so skeptical in thinking that the importers have some sort of end game and then I noticed all the union affiliations and it made sense. The UAW is always saying the companies are making money they just like to say they're not so they don't have to pay us, now you're brining the same low life union mentality here. "The importers are just fabricating this information to try and stick it to us buyers," that's the mentality that now as the big there about to go out of business and if they do I can't wait to see the UAW disintegrate. UAW goes away, you'll see jobs come back to those places that had to leave because the unions think they deserve free medical, dental, pension, 401K, 30hr, etc.

    As for everyone else crying and whining about driving the trucks on the road, enough. If shutting down those states mean the flows of trucks keeps coming in, then sign me up. If you don't like it, don't buy a truck, TS. They were not brought in for that reason, just because you "want" to use them for that doesn't mean you're entitled too, so if closing down the registration of mini's in certain states is what needs to be done then lets get moving
  8. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    You can start a new thread in the "EPA" section were this should be
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