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Anyone think about swaping in one of these motors?

Discussion in 'Performance' started by stumper, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. stumper

    stumper Member

  2. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    I remember reading that suzuki makes that engine...the idea seems familiar...it may have been floated before,but you would have to search to be sure
  3. Vitnzjp

    Vitnzjp Member

    i wouldn't. main reason reliability - you don't riding snowmobile as much as car. :rolleyes:
  4. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    I think fupa is quite correct, this idea has been put out there before.... I can't recall why it was let go but I'm pretty sure it was a definite "no go" that killed the notion. Would be cool if they were a straight bolt up huh?

  5. stumper

    stumper Member

    I wouldn't worry at all about durability.sled motors are built to take way more abuse than these little trucks will ever see.
  6. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    Durability shouldn't be any kind of issue, I'd have one if the conversion was simple ;)

  7. Daner

    Daner Member

    Yes I wish I wish. 1100 turbo sure would be nice. 177hp yahoo!!!
  8. Vitnzjp

    Vitnzjp Member

    Daner, how about brakes?
  9. erixun

    erixun Bronze Supporting Member

    A guy I know said that I sould take the turbo of a sled and throw it on my truck. But I have so much other stuff going on, I would never get it done. I think I need to reduce my hobbies some... or, better yet, just win the lottery so I can hobby full time:D.
  10. Daner

    Daner Member

    Brakes? thats what the steering wheel is for! lol I wouldn't worry about it until after I got the engine in.:D
  11. pale horse

    pale horse New Member

    artic cat turb in a mini

    I have been looking at a mini for 2 years now and moving away will be able to get one. I had a crack at a artic cat turbo unit but some kid ran off with it. I thought not that hard to shoe horn it into a mini truck. I really all about roomand start cutting if you have to. Any one out there tried ? I want to try a kawisakie twin 700 motor in one with pipes. Kim
  12. Trackwelder

    Trackwelder New Member

    Arctic cat turbo 660cc engine was originally made for the truck, should be a bolt in.
  13. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    ^^ Your proof being?
  14. copeina

    copeina Member

    More information!!!!
  15. kepow

    kepow Member

    arctic cat 660 turbo......more info!
  16. serge

    serge Member

    can it be done? been 8 months since last reply, thought i would bump it up
  17. Wedge

    Wedge Member

    Yes it can, with enough money...
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2014
  18. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    WHY?...why, do guys keep coming back to this question, the T660 arctic cat/suzuki triple turbo.
    Just cu'z of the manufacturer?

    Is it possible? YES, cu'z ANYTHING IS. Is it practical? NO...:frustration: For some reason guys think, Suzuki 660...bolt it on and go.:confused:
    It was specifically designed for use in a sled, no tranny here guys, and very little remains of the original F-series engine block design.
    F6a VS T660...let me demonstrate...

    A very cursory internet search will provide you with the following T660 comparison pics...

    The whole thing, T660...

    The blocking surface of the T660..


    The blocking surface of a "95" F6a...


    So, can't just build it up, can't just bolt it on.
    Now what?

    Well, it's possible, so, is it worth it?

    Let's see...

    This site alown returns 68 threads relating in some way to the Arctic Cat question...

    Here is an internet hit, for the concept that actually went further than the "layzee-boy-chair-bantor"...

    Maybe, it could even fly...

    Hey, after you figure out the drive section, why not up-the-power, mod it to 150, get the Carrillo designed high-hp rods, and dial it in...

    Build experience level...mechanics scholar ( MAst.)
    Total cost................$12,000
    Man hours..................450+
    Time to complete.......2 years

    chirocoops5105-114.jpg 1321226728-Picture 087-114.jpg 95-Carry-Block-114.jpg
  19. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    OK, ok, I want to get serious with this for a second.
    There'll be questions from those in the "know". So, let's look at the late model Suzuki with K6a, with the DOHCs, yea?

    We're talk'en 05 T660 block, 03 K6a head...


    Look at that major quench blocking area on the intake decking...heh, heh....:sly:


    Now, what I've done here, is to take the above, use the bock in it's original positioning, but, I've inverted the head (mirror image) for a conclusive comparison. For the top, as well as the bottom. Is it a casting, using the original molds?


    This looks like the original casting molds. A major problem with the cylinder coolant ports though.
    The point being, that if the K6a head will bolt to the T660 block, then the reverse should also be true. Should, being loosely used, in this case.
    Then the major modification requirements become possible. Namely, the K6a block being lined with the ported cylinder liners from the T660.
    Connecting rods, pistons, full top end; mated to the K6a crank and mains (expect to mill the journals)...bottom T660 dual dry sumps and cover; direct cross-over? Unkown...

    Possible? Yes...but you'd have to be crazy, just to get past the point of speculation. Not to mention having a spare 10grand in your back pocket.
    If both points are true...then it's a small step to just consider the drive mounting modification of something unrelated, and forgo the engine work.
    Keeping name only, 177HP...

    But, then again, it's already been modded...500HP?... icon_noidea.gif
    Why not, same 10grand...

    What is possible?
    I've upped to 100HP with the original SOHC F6a, and spent no where near 10grand.
    BUT, any "actual" work in this area would require extensive modification and explanation by the builder for the definition of "swapped", @ Wikipedia...:eek:

    4-23-12057a-114.jpg 4-23-12058a-114.jpg 114-a.jpg 114-b.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2012
  20. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2012

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