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Anyone know what this part is for? Solenoid, vapor purge valve? Fuel shutoff?

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Cdog, Apr 12, 2024.

  1. Cdog

    Cdog New Member

    1998 hijet 660 s110p EFGS

    Anyone know what this part is for? Solenoid, valve? the grey nipple attaches to vac line #22 and goes to the carb and is pulling vacuum while truck is running. The green nipple is open to air and has a black rubber funnel shaped guard on it. There is 12v at the connector from the truck but i can not blow or suck air through the unit whether it has 12V or zeroV (unplugged). Perhaps it requires 24v to activate?

    is it possibly a vapor purge or fuel shutoff? i don't understand why its vented to atmosphere if it has vacuum... wouldn't it suck in dirty air? or if its a vent, is it possible that vac carb hose can be vacuum until the engine is warm and then build pressure when hot?

    Wondering if this switch/valve is the reason that the truck stutters and stalls at 20-30 minutes and then restarts and will run for hours after that. Although hot starts take a few cranks and some gas pedal. Perhaps the stalling 20 min in and harder hot starts are unrelated, but i was wondering if this relieves fuel vacuum or purges vapor?

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  2. Cdog

    Cdog New Member

    Turns out its called a emissions Switch Assembly Vacuum Daihatsu Part # 88680-87214-000 if anyone is looking for one. Not sure why there is one nipple is connected to the carb via vac line #22 and the other nipple is open to atmosphere. Could it be to relieve pressure or vacuum?

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